keto : transformation tuesday - taniesha

February 15, 2020


At a starting weight of 256 pounds with high blood pressure, my doctor told me I needed to lose weight.


I hated myself.


I started doing at home dvds for workouts and just watching what I ate.  Then, someone at work had told me about the ketogenic diet. When he told me I could eat bacon, I thought for sure it was a joke. I came home and the googling began. I thought why not, I will try it because at that point I felt out of options. I couldn't even tie my shoes without stopping to take a breath.


So I started February of 2017.


The first week I dropped so rapidly, I was amazed.


I started joining Facebook groups and following people on Instagram who also do keto. I soon became addicted to the results. Pants sizes were dropping rapidly and I slowly was falling in love with my new body.


It is now 2018 and I'm down 95 pounds! Still going keto strong.  


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