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reverse keto stall

why am I stalling and how can I break it?

It's been several weeks (or months) since you started the keto diet and for the first few weeks you dropped weight like crazy. It just fell off and life was awesome. But you've noticed that regardless of how strictly you've stuck to keto the scale hasn't budged in a week. This is called a stall and anyone who has experienced it knows just how frustrating it is. There are several reasons why you might be stalling: 

  • you have unintentionally increased your calories so you are no longer in deficit

  • you are consuming an artificial sweetener that spikes you insulin (remember- everyone responds differently to artificial sweeteners, what doesn't affect one person might stall someone else)

  • you are consuming hidden carbs that are kicking you out of ketosis (common culprits include too much whipping cream, certain salad dressings, almond flour, nuts, and pre-packaged low carb treats-- such as Atkins desserts)

  • you might need a carb up meal

  • you have reintroduced exercise and the muscle gain is off-setting fat loss 

Although it can be very distressing to exhibit self-control and then feel it's not paying off because the number on the scale isn't budging, there are ways to break a stall.


A popular option is fasting. There are several different fasts you can try, a common one being an egg fast. The premise of the egg fast is you eat enough eggs to curb hunger. For every egg you eat you also eat 1 oz of fat in the form of butter or cheese. You do not eat 3 hours after waking nor 3 hours before bedtime. Water is important on this fast and it is requisite you drink 64+ ounces every day. If you feel dizzy and tired you can also drink a Powerade Zero. You can also substitute one meal with bullet proof coffee, usually breakfast. You can do the egg fast 24 hours-3 days but it is not recommend to do this fast extensively.

Another popular fast is the beef and butter fast. For this fast you eat 1 cup of hamburger (liberally salted with optional garlic seasoning and pepper) mixed with 3 Tbsp of melted butter 3 times a day. You can substitute one of those meals with a bullet proof coffee if desired. Drink 64 + ounces of water or Powerade Zero every day. It is recommended to do this fast 3-5 days.


A veteran fast that has been around since time began is the water fast. You simply drink water, preferably distilled, (a breakfast bullet proof coffee is allowed) and abstain from food for 24 hours-3 days. This fast will be much easier to accomplish if you are fat-adapted and your appetite is mostly non-existent. 


The total lack of carbs in each of these fasts are sure to rev your metabolism and cause the scale to, once again, start dropping.


Another way to break a stall is to simply toss the scale in the garbage and pull out your measuring tape. Even if the scale isn't moving there's a good chance you're still losing weight. A measuring tape is the surest weigh to know whether or not you are still losing fat (and inches). Over time you are likely to start losing pounds again as well.


Although it is highly controversial in the keto community, some people swear by carb up days. It is thought that by reintroducing an elevated amount of carbs into your diet for a meal or two, your system will shock itself into losing weight again. This is a dangerous route if you lack the self-control to only have one cheat meal, and the carb up day turns into a carb up month.

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