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If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you already know the importance of maintaining proper ketone levels through consumption of high-fat, high-protein foods. No matter which diet you’re on, however, the importance of consuming and maintaining antioxidant levels is also vital.

This is where glutamine, one of the keto diet’s key supplements, comes into play. When you’re actively engaged in the low-carb lifestyle that the keto diet promotes, you need supplements to help curve cravings, limit the intake of certain food, and maintain healthy ketone levels day after day.


Classified as an amino acid, glutamine plays an important role in your body’s construction of proteins. Glutamine is the building block behind all of the body’s proteins, no matter how simple or complex. If you take a Glutamine supplement, it improves body function by acting as an antioxidant, effectively flushing (potentially dangerous) toxins out of your system. The more dangerous these toxins are, the better it is that they are removed faster. The higher your glutamine levels, the easier it for these toxins to flush out of the body, promoting increased health from the inside out.

Athletes, along with anyone else who frequently finds him or herself at the gym, might find it difficult to synthesize enough proteins to properly function. In other words, those toxins that are usually flushed out of the body naturally cannot be removed as quickly or as successfully as they could otherwise. While the body usually synthesizes glutamine at its own pace, if working out is making toxin removal slower and more difficult, (athletes in high-strength sports notice this the most) a glutamine supplement can help.

In addition to flushing out toxins, glutamine supplements raise the levels of growth hormone in your system, helping muscles grow big and strong. When you’re strength training, seeing these results increases confidence. The more you maintain healthy ketone and glutamine levels within your system, the easier it is for muscle growth to continue, and you’ll continue noticing results. There is no maximum you can reach in terms of muscle growth, other than the limits you set yourself.

Why is Glutamine so Important for Keto Dieters?

For low-carb dieters, glutamine supplements make an excellent addition to the diet. Glutamine supplements make the keto diet easier by bringing sugar cravings to a stop. When sugar could be detrimental to your diet’s results, limiting not only your intake, but the cravings themselves, will help your healthy eating plan move more successfully, both in the short-term and over time.

What other benefits could glutamine supplements possibly offer keto dieters? Yes, there’s more. Adding glutamine to your diet, especially a healthy, daily routine such as keto, helps your immune system function smoothly and improves recovery from exercise. You’ll notice less pain each time you hit the gym, so those hefty workouts are not only easier, but with less cravings after, you’ll see the improved results of increased fat and protein intake. Every exercise plans needs to function smoothly, and post-workout recovery is equally important as what you eat. Since glutamine helps you recover, improved results, along with an increased likelihood to work out in the first place, leads to visible, positive changes in your body… without the pain of overworking yourself.

Every diet should involve an exercise plan, so when both your diet and exercise plans use supplements that aid in their benefit and increase results, you’ll be a more successful dieter over time, sticking with your plan will be easier, and you’ll eat healthier for a longer time period. Your diet won’t feel restricting, but it will settle in as a natural way of life. The unbeatable combo of the keto diet coupled with glutamine supplements could help your weight loss stick, make dieting easier, wash out toxins, improve exercise ability, and improve health and well-being for life. What’s not to love?

niKETO offers niKETO Performance - an L-Glutamine Supplement formulated for those on the keto diet!

L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid that is naturally produced in our bodies, but cortisol (the hormone your body releases in response to stress) works to deplete your body’s natural supply of glutamine. Without it, your body loses one of its strongest natural defenses against infection, as well as the ability to burn fat and build muscle. Taking an L-Glutamine supplement help to eliminate sugar cravings while simultaneously keeping your blood sugar in balance, making it easier to stay on track and maintain ketosis. L-Glutamine is a versatile supplement that offers a wide range of benefits, including:

● Balanced blood sugar all day, meaning fewer peaks and lulls.

● Improved digestion and leaky gut prevention.

● Healthier immune function (meaning you may not get sick as often).

● Improved athletic performance and muscle recovery.