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Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has gained widespread popularity in recent years; you've seen the popular bottles and tablets lining store shelves, with fans of the powerful supplement stocking up regularly. It's no small wonder that ACV is so favored, however. It's not only easy to find and ingest, but it provides an array of powerful health benefits that other supplements simply can't match. If you're curious what ACV has to offer, here are some valuable facts.

What Is ACV?

Produced from the fermented juice of crushed apples, ACV contains a hearty helping of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C, biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorous, potassium, and sodium. It also small large quantities of acetic and citric acid, which offer additional bodily benefits. When you're on the search for supplements, it will be difficult to find one with as many valuable vitamins and minerals in a single tablet—just two tbsp of ACV is enough to reap the benefits.

What Is ACV Used For?

ACV is used to treat a wide array of health conditions, from basic, everyday issues to serious diseases. It helps fight the pain, broken bones, fractures, and fragility associated with osteoporosis, along with easing leg cramps, aiding in weight loss, and reducing arthritis irritation. Suffering from the cold or flu? ACV can aid your recovery by ridding the body of toxins, soothing a soar throat, clearing up sinus problems, and easing an upset stomach. Want to regulate blood pressure? Is lowering cholesterol an aim? This go-to supplement can help achieve these goals. For those with skin problems, applying the liquid version directly can tone the skin, improve acne, and soothe sunburn. Over time, the supplement can stimulate thinking and slow down the aging process, leading to a longer, healthier life. Here are more detailed descriptions of just a few benefits this incredible supplement provides.

Diabetes Management

While ACV helps those suffering from a wide range of diseases and conditions, it changes how foods are absorbed within the gut, preventing the breakdown of trigger foods, lowering blood sugar levels, and reducing insulin resistance. ACV's ability to maintain blood sugar is one of its most-studied benefits, with a one study revealing that ACV consumption decreased blood sugar levels by an average of 31% after white bread consumption. Imagine what this means for low-carb dieters?

When you're not consuming many carbs, those benefits are boosted even further, as your body won't have to break down refined carbohydrates, such as the white bread used in this study. Another study conducted on rats, however, applied to all diets. It revealed that ACV consumption over a month-long time period reduced blood sugar levels amongst all participants, simplifying diabetes self-management. Insulin resistance has been studied significantly as well, with ACV making a notable impact. A Diabetes Care study showed that dieters with type 2 diabetes improved their insulin sensitivity by up to 34% while consuming the supplement.

Weight Loss

There's a reason why ACV is so popular amongst health and fitness experts. When you're trying to drop excess pounds, it works. One study showed that obese participants who took just two tbsp per day over a 12 week timespan lost an average of four pounds with no other lifestyle changes involved. When diet and exercise come into place, those benefits increase, so ACV makes an excellent addition to a low-carb lifestyle. Going low-carb increases satiety, which makes dietary habits such as intermittent fasting much easier, keeping the body fuller throughout the day. ACV boosts that same satiety, which makes it easier for dieters to consume less, losing more weight faster.

High Cholesterol

Many dieters suffer from high cholesterol, including those people struggling with weight loss. Thankfully, ACV reduces both, promoting heart health by keeping cholesterol levels down. The heart is negatively affected by high cholesterol, which can result in significant health problems over time. High levels force your heart to pump harder to circulate blood, making everyday function more difficult. When cholesterol levels are low, you'll experience less struggle and a healthier heart. One study used rats to discover how ACV impacted cholesterol levels. The rodent participants increased levels of good cholesterol while lowering the bad. Researchers agree on a similar impact in humans—excellent news for those wanting to drive down high, unhealthy cholesterol levels and improve overall well-being.

High Blood Pressure

Along with high cholesterol, high blood pressure puts the body at increased risk for heart disease, straining the heart muscle. Eventually, this muscle will weaken, so maintaining steady blood pressure levels contributes to a healthy heart. Another rodent study showed that one of ACV's primary ingredients, acetic acid, lowered blood sugar levels amongst participants. When a single supplement can contribute a healthy weight, lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar, it results in a healthier heart, reducing associated disease risks. When other benefits range from helping to cure the common cold to soothing the skin, your body will notice the welcome benefits of ACV. It's one of today's most common supplements for a reason, and a healthy, welcome addition to the low-carb lifestyle.

If you find yourself unable to drink ACV every day, a supplement is your best option!

niKETO offers the niKETO ACV DETOX supplement!

Apple Cider Vinegar has been a well-loved secret in the wellness and naturopath health community for decades. Known to regulate blood sugar and assist in weight loss, apple cider vinegar is an obvious choice for the keto dieter. This supplement is positively associated with:

  • Accelerated fat burning and weight loss

  • Improved digestion

  • Regulated blood sugar levels (so you don’t give into cravings or have a midday energy crash)

  • Lower cholesterol and general heart health

ACV has been traditionally ingested in liquid form, often mixed into water with honey or sugar added to aid the flavor. Now you can skip the unpleasant flavor by taking this easy concentrated supplement instead!

We recommend taking this supplement daily, but make sure to use as directed unless guided otherwise by a medical professional.

Written by Alicia Centeno

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