10 keto-friendly foods you can take on the go

Finding keto-friendly foods on the go can be challenging, if you're on the go, whether you’re in a rush to work or hit the open road. If you want to maintain a healthy state of ketosis, however, it’s important to keep your diet in check.

Since vending machines and rest stops aren’t exactly keto-friendly, we’ve put together a list of convenient meals and snacks that are easy to take (and eat) on the road. Pack your bags, get your cooler ready, and prepare for one delicious adventure!

Best Keto Snacks

When those pangs of hunger hit, you need something quick. Craving a little something extra along the trail? Feel free to stop and take a break. Fat-filled snacks will keep your energy up for hours, and they’re all quick and easy to make. With plenty of scrumptious options, you have your fair share of choices. Perfect for loading up your backpack, these tasty treats are must haves on your next outing.

  • Cheese Dips: Cheese is a go-to in on the Ketogenic diet; cheese dips are no exception. Simply heat and eat, or add your favorite spices. Use vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, or bell peppers as dippers, and you’ll be full in no time. Pack a few ready-to-go kits and you can take these from the workplace to the open road.

  • Veggie Trays: Another easy-to-make-and-take treat, swap out cheese for guacamole, buffalo chicken dip, or even low-carb spinach and artichoke. Since you’ll already have veggies ready, just swap out your dips and you’ve got a mix that will always keep you full (and never without flavor).

  • Homemade Pizza Rolls: This one opens the door to creativity. Pick your favorite cheese and layer it with pizza meats and toppings. Roll them up, bake in the oven, and package them for the road. Equal parts meat and cheese, this low-carb twist on pizza rolls is even more flavorful than the original.

  • Cheesy Keto Chips: Rather than risking those unhealthy fats and oils found at the store, make your own keto-friendly chips at home! It doesn’t take long: bake gouda or brie in the oven until crispy, then cut them up into tasty little triangles, top with your favorite spices (we recommend basil or oregano) and voila!

  • Bacon Wraps: You’ve heard of lettuce wraps, but if you’re craving something savory, try a more meaty approach. Gather your favorite bacon, cook it to your preferred setting, and use this fat-packed wrapper to make just about anything—try bacon mozzarella sticks (add some tomato sauce on the side), or wrap up a mix of vegetables and cheeses. Asparagus is a favorite keto-friendly stuffing. Try it with mozzarella or cheddar, and you’ve got one flavorful snack.

Quick and Easy Keto Meals

Taking a trip? Meal prep makes staying on track easy and more convenient than ever before. When dietary needs are planned for in advance, there’s no need to worry once you hit the road. These quick picks are simple to assemble, and all they need are a few key ingredients.

Gather everything together, get out the Tupperware, and start prepping. If you’re traveling, packing ready-made meals lets you focus on the fun… instead of worrying about your weight. Simply store your goodies in the hotel fridge, grab your lunch sack, and explore the sights.

  • Keto Chicken Caesar Salad: Salads are not only good for your health, but they’re great for your taste buds. Mixed greens topped with sliced deli meat, a hard-boiled egg, avocado, sliced Gouda, and virgin olive oil dressing will fill you up quickly. It’s an easy mix to put together, and when you switch up the meats and cheeses, you'll have an endless supply of flavor options.

  • Low-Carb Sandwiches: Bread-free sandwiches are even more packed with flavor than the original. Use lettuce or spinach as the bread, then fill to the brim with cheeses, meats, and vegetables. We like our spinach with full-flavored brie, asparagus, bell peppers, and zucchini, but with this little recipe, whatever you say, goes.

  • Cheese-Based Burritos: You heard us right, burritos. If you thought burritos were impossible without the tortilla, think again. Everything you love about this south-of-the-border favorite is just as abundant in our keto-friendly version. Use cheddar cheese as the “tortilla:” bake until soft, fill them up with fat-filled taco meat and a sprinkling of spices. Top with salsa, put in containers, and you’re ready for the road.

  • Pepperoni Pockets: Create your own mini pizza in wrap form with the help of ingredients like pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mozzarella, and mushrooms topped with a hint of sauce and your favorite spices. Wrap in full leaves of lettuce and chow down. These are quick to wrap up for a trip just about anywhere, and they’re downright delicious.

  • Stuffed Avocados: Avocados are filled with healthy fats, making them a keto-dieter’s best friend. Make a meal out of this enticing treat by filling it with egg, spinach, asparagus, broccoli bits, and your favorite spices.

Whether you’re craving something small or a fat-filled meal, keto-dieters rejoice—meal prep gives you plenty of quick, convenient options that are easy to fill your fridge with. Toss them in your cooler, hit the open road, and leave your diet worries behind. Bon voyage and bon appetite!