low carb transformation : myriam

Ever since my teenage years, I have always struggled with my weight. I met my husband when I was 17 years old and weighed around 120 pounds (I am 5’7”). I then found out I had hypothyroidism and I also wasn’t eating really well and going to parties pretty often. Pizza, chicken wings, McDonald’s, ice cream, you name it - I was eating it at 3:00 in the morning after a night out! Needless to say, I gained A LOT of weight.

I tried losing weight by exercising and cutting calories. The weight loss was slooooow! But it did help me to finally get pregnant. I had two pregnancies back to back and after I gave birth to my second baby in September 2016, at the age of 27, I weighed in at 234 pounds! I just couldn’t believe that I let myself go like this. I couldn’t even understand why my husband was still attracted to me. My body grossed me out so I tried to lose weight AGAIN the only way I knew how - exercising and cutting calories. The weight loss was slow again but I managed to lose 20 pounds from September 2016 to January 2017.

My friend then introduced me to what I call the “Magic WOE (Way of Eating)” - Keto! I could see the great results on her so I decided to do more research on it and I gave it a try! March 6, 2017 was when I started Keto weighing in at 214 lbs. I absolutely loved this way of eating and I saw amazing results right away. I was down 8.8 pounds the first week! I was so excited to see the fat just melt away. I always said that being in ketosis was one of the best feelings. I literally felt like Super Woman. Even though my baby wasn’t sleeping through the night yet, I was never tired and I had so much energy. Since Keto, my hair grew back, my skin is clear, and my nails are stronger. Now you see why I call keto the “Magic WOE”? It’s just amazing and I recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight or even just have a better lifestyle.

I did see my doctor to make sure everything was ok because a lot of family members and friends were concerned of my new way of eating. All my blood tests came back perfect and I could finally stop taking Synthroid for my thyroid problems! I was so happy and my doctor was too.

On August 11th 2017, I reached my goal, weighing in at 144 pounds! I couldn’t believe that I actually met my goal weight for the first time in my life! People around me were so impressed to see that I lost 70 pounds in 5 months without exercise and without cutting calories. I lost a total of 90 pounds and I couldn’t be happier. No more thigh rubbing when wearing skirts, I am not out of breath when running and playing with my boys and most importantly, my confidence is back! I feel like a brand new woman.

To help me stay accountable during my weight loss, I decided to post my meals and before/after photos on my instagram (keto_myr157). I then started a keto/lchf keto group to help others on their journey as well. I still get a ton of messages with questions and people asking for help and advice and I love taking the time to answer because Keto changed my life for the best and I want it to change their life also.

If you are thinking about starting keto, I suggest you keep it simple at first. Meat and veggies cooked in butter or oil was what I ate every day. This way, it was easier to count my macros on MyFitnessPal app. Make sure you drink a ton of water (half your body weight in ounces). Be careful with sweeteners, it stalled my weight loss if I ate them too often.

Since I reached my goal, I stopped counting my macros and I started doing low carb, high fat instead of keto. I find it is less restrictive. It has been working really well because I am maintaining my weight since August 2017.

I recommend this “Magic WOE” to everyone! It will change your life!

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