keto: transformation tuesday - tammy

My weight was my main struggle in my early 20’s. The heaviest I had ever been was 272lbs. I lost the first 90lbs through diet and exercise. It was the most miserable thing I had ever done. I was on a high protein, moderate carb, and low fat diet. I was chronically fatigued and moody. I maintained this diet and was able to keep most of the weight off while continuing to working out at least four times per week. I never felt balanced or happy though. I felt deprived and constantly stressed about food. I was also chronically bloated, hungry, and tired.

My Keto journey began on February 28th, 2017. It was the day I met my now boyfriend, Marko. He was intelligent, hilarious and had shredded abs. I was sitting at 162lbs at the time and feeling uncomfortably “bigger” than him. During our date, he mentioned the Ketogenic diet. He said he had been on it for six months and that he had never felt better. He explained how it decreased his body fat percentage, lowered inflammation and helped him focus and have mental clarity. After that impressive keto rant and those piercing blue eyes, there was no way I wasn’t going to give this diet a try.

My diet before keto was high in carbohydrates and low in fats. My meals were a boring rotation of basmati rice, rice cakes, pasta, lean ground turkey and chicken breasts. By the second week of March 2017, I was in ketosis. The first week (inducing myself into ketosis) was absolute hell. I was willing to do unforgiveable things for a Twix bar. That was my first reality check on how addictive and detrimental processed sugar is for both the body and the mind. After a month of keto, my whole life changed. My diet consisted of avocados, coconut milk, free-range eggs, bison, lamb, MCT oil, and delicious almond butter. I was also eating a wider range and higher volume of green vegetables. Kale and spinach became staple foods in my diet.

I did experience a temporary loss in strength while weight lifting at the gym. It took about a month to regain my strength and experience better quality workouts. I no longer had to endure long cardio sessions because my body was burning fat around the clock. My workout sessions are now shorter and way more efficient. My painful periods are no longer painful. The chronic inflammation on my lower back (due to a car accident) is gone. My ability to focus is incredible now (thank you bulletproof coffee!) and I am an overall much happier person.

I have now been on the ketogenic diet for about 11 months. I did foolishly take a month long break in September and regret it to this day. I gained weight and felt bloated and sluggish. Keto helped me go from 162lbs to 150lbs. My body fat percentage decreased from 25% to 16%. My skin got better; I no longer have massive breakouts. The ketogenic diet has so many perks and benefits. The best one of all is that it healed my relationship with food. I no longer have anxiety over meals and have truly found a lifestyle that brings me balance and inner peace.