keto: transformation tuesday - sarah

I weighed over 230 pounds when I finally decided my health needed to become a priority. I then, like so many others, turned to the internet on what to do next. The internet told me to “eat this at this time, make sure you don’t eat past a certain time, make sure you only consume this amount of calories, do 500 crunches for the abs of your dreams, quinoa this and quinoa that....” Okay great, I will just do all the things the internet tells me to do and I will be healthy! I was wrong. So wrong. More times than not, I found myself “cheating” or going extra hard on the elliptical for 60+ minutes. Because, you know, that’s what the internet said “healthy” is. Oh, don’t forget the energy pills and supplements that I spent countless dollars on. I probably lost and gained back the same 30 pounds over and over and over. Why wasn’t this working for me like it is everyone else? Because everybody’s journey to health is different.

And then I found keto and my life was changed. Something actually made sense! Eat fat to lose fat? MIND. BLOWN. I can’t eat quinoa?! Sign me up! I researched everything, bought every book, and educated myself on the world of the Ketogenic Diet. It was Mother’s Day 2016 when I officially started eating this way. I started weighing in at 198 pounds and almost 2 years later, I have been able to keep off 55 pounds. I weigh less now then I did in high school. This diet allows you to eat real food. Real. Good. Food. I can have bacon. Yes, bacon. Everything that makes food taste good is almost always keto friendly. Going out to eat with friends is much more enjoyable now when I know there is something on any menu to fit this lifestyle. No more eating before I go and no more saying flat out no because I know I won’t be able to find anything to eat. The ketogenic diet honestly saved my life. There is science behind this and why it works. It’s been almost two full years since I began on this journey and if I can stay committed, you can too. You owe it to yourself to become your best you. And why not eat bacon while doing it?

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