keto: transformation tuesday - samantha

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have always been overweight, I have tried all the latest pills, drinks, and everything else on the market. Nothing worked, until I found Keto. I finally found the way of eating that WORKS and doesn’t require hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products. On September 1, 2017, I decided that I was done being overweight and that I was done hating the person I was. I was failing as a mother, wife, and an employee. I know that sounds silly, but it’s so true. My weight affected EVERYTHING in my life, I am now so much happier with myself that my marriage is PHENOMENAL, I am a better mom to my kids (I can go outside and RUN with them). I am also a better employee. All of these things simply because I am happier with me I am happy with the woman I see in the mirror. Keto has completely changed my life. The feeling I feel waking up each morning knowing I am healthier and a better version of me is more than anything. I feel like I have broken free from the chains of carbs. I have just recently started in the gym helping tone and get to an even better version of me! From September 1, 2017 to January 11, 2018 I have lost 65lbs. I have eaten great food and LOST 65lbs. All of this is thanks to the Keto way!