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I have been doing keto for 2 years.

It changed my life.

I feel lighter, more alert, more mentally focused, less bloated and finally found something that has burned into the extra fat I was trying to get rid of! I was 240 at my starting weight and was eating a lot of carbs but have lost 85 lbs since starting the ketogenic lifestyle.

There are so many fun recipes that it is easy to stay on track and the ketosis benefits are just amazing.

My motivation to start this ketogenic lifestyle was from seeing many success stories on the internet and doing a lot of research of how it affects the body. My energy in ketosis is like never before! My energy from this diet stays longer than carbs and keeps my body tight along with working out at the gym. I lift heavy throughout the week and do some HIIT cardio as well. I drink a lot of water and make sure to get lots of micronutrients from the foods I eat daily for full benefits to the body.

I want to inspire others with my account now and in the future by sharing my story and helping others to reach their goals as best I can. This fits me so well and I have never felt and looked better!

Starting tip: Never give up and stay positive!

Consistency is key and make your weight loss journey a forever lifestyle, not just a quick fix. My advice is to find what works for you. I get bored easily with any diet. So, for me I keep switching up recipes and switch up workouts at the gym. Also, always take progress pictures and measure yourself. Don't get hung up on the scale. Learn how to love yourself and you will attract a strong path to success with a strong visual mindset and vision of where you want to be in the future by setting short and long term goals.

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