keto: transformation tuesday - marcel

The Keto journey started for me in May 2017. At the end of the cricket season I weighed in at around 103kg (227lbs) and I challenged myself to lose 10kg (22lbs) if I wanted to play again next season. I was really lucky that Professor Grant Schofield gave a presentation as part of a TedTalks style event put on by my employer, this first sparked my interest in the low carb lifestyle but I had no idea of where to start! I knew it was going to be tough and I wanted to educate myself about nutrition and what makes my body work. I decided to give the What The Fat? book a read and the science behind it really made sense, from there I turned to the work of Gary Taubes and his book on Why we get fat and this convinced me that it was worth giving a Keto way of eating a go! One piece of advice that resonated with me early on was “If you need to exercise to control your weight, then there is something wrong with your diet” This hit the nail on the head for me, because I’d never had any success with any other diet/exercise program.

I've now listened to countless hours of lectures and podcasts on YouTube, read plenty of books, articles, and studies and I truly believe in what I am doing. I’ve become obsessed with learning as much as I can about the ketogenic diet and they way it affects my body, I think the tide is slowly turning and more and more people will start giving this lifestyle a go.

I really enjoy cooking and learning new things and Instagram has been an awesome tool for keeping track of my food and giving me a platform to share my journey and to touch base with heaps of awesome people in the Keto community. I’m slowly getting through to family and friends about the benefits of this lifestyle and I love being able to help people take control of their nutrition. People are often shocked at what I eat and always ask if I miss bread or rice or pasta, but to be honest I love this lifestyle and I love eating REAL FOOD. Keto isn’t a restrictive diet, it’s a remove the crap food diet, if it comes in a packet with a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce then it isn’t food! I eat to live, I don’t live to eat.

To date I have lost about 23kg (50lbs), this morning I weighed in at 80.2kg (177lbs), and it has been the easiest decision I have ever made. There are no magic pills, no shakes, no juices just a knowledge of how and why carbs are inherently bad for us when combined with fat in our standard diet. I believe we've been led astray over the last few decades and it is time we took ownership of our nutrition and our future. As a resolution for 2018, I have challenged myself to a very strict Keto regime for January. The biggest part of this is giving up on weekend beers! I’m interested to see what effect it has on me physically, mentally and socially. My first goal is to hit 75kg (165lbs), and over the winter I plan to get into a bit of strength and conditioning work to see how far I can push myself.

Keto has changed my life and I’m thankful to the Keto community for all the guidance along the way. I’m excited for what this year will bring and hopefully I can help a few more people on their journey! 😊