keto : transformation tuesday - linda

I'm celebrating 3 years on my keto journey. At the time I started, I was hoping I could lose a few pounds and feel a little better. My wildest dream was to lose 100 pounds, but that seemed unrealistic. But now, I am 20 pounds from that wild dream becoming a reality!

I feel better than I ever thought possible.

I had suffered with pain and edema in my legs for nearly 14 years. I was hospitalized and nearly died from a DVT. I couldn't walk more than a few yards without having to sit down. Standing in line would result in my being in bed with my feet up the rest of the day. I was constantly hungry and as I was eating one meal, would be planning my next one! I would get home from work every afternoon and fall asleep on the couch before supper; sometimes even in my car in the driveway! Now, I have tons of energy and look forward to going to lift weights and even do cardio at Planet Fitness and Orange Theory. The swelling, edema and pain is gone. I park at the farthest spot (especially if it's shady!) and walk across the parking lot with no problems.

I love life and look forward to each day now!

I love helping and encouraging others learn to do the same. I want see everyone realize the healing benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle. It truly is the way we were designed to nourish ourselves, and our bodies run best this way!

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