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At 42 years old, I have struggled with unhealthy eating habits and weight for most of my life. As I sit here and think back, I can’t ever recall a time where I was actually happy with the way my body looked. Over the last 25 years I have tried every diet, pill, & shake you can imagine to get faster results. I’ve hired a personal trainer and tried different workouts, but my problem has always been consistency and sticking to it. It’s like I’ve been on this roller coaster of calorie restriction, weight loss, binge eating and weight gain. Throw in 3 pregnancies over the years where I gained 50lbs, 65lbs and 80lbs eating whatever I wanted (It’s for the baby, right?!). Honestly, I’d gain weight during my pregnancy, lose it in the first year and by the end of the second year gain it right back again.

The truth is, I spent more time feeling lethargic and unmotivated then I did feeling energized and good about myself. With two little girls looking up to me, I knew I had to work on having a healthy body image to demonstrate to them. I want to raise them to love themselves and that starts with me!

In June 2017, I was lying in bed next to my sleeping husband, Jamie, listening to the sound of his laboured breathing. He weighed almost 300 lbs at the time. It’s the moment I decided we had to take control of our health, for us, for our families and for our children. I started reading about the Keto diet and we both agreed to try it for 3 months to see what would happen. We never expected that just another 3 month “diet” would turn into a forever lifestyle change!

We started our Keto journey in July 2017 and in the coming months the weight just kept coming off. It was pretty simple: we did some research, downloaded an app to track our macros and found healthier low carb alternatives to all the foods we love! In 8 months, I lost 48lbs and my husband lost 90lbs. We have never felt more energy and more alive than we do today. We are SO incredibly grateful for every online resource, for everyone who shares their experience on social media and for websites and restaurants that offer delicious low-carb food and recipe ideas. It’s honestly saved our lives!

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