keto : transformation tuesday - patricia

I've started my weight loss journey on August 28th, 2016. Back then, I weighed 116kg (256 lbs). I was really scared for my health, especially because I have serious back problems (namely hernias). I started by CICO (calories in, calories out) and I cut added fats from my diet. It was working for a while, but after some time I've hit a major plateau. It was last Christmas.

Once I stopped losing weight, along with the festivities and all the food that comes with it, I was putting weight back on. I had reached 81kg (179 lbs) again and that's when I found about keto.

After a quick keto flu (that I stabilized with drinking more water, basically) I started losing weight really quick. In 14 days, I was down 10kg (22 lbs). I kept going and am currently weighing approximately 68kg (150 lbs).

I won't say keto is easy. It is sure easier to eat out on keto than any other diet, but keeping track of all the macros was a struggle at first. I kept my good ol' friend MyFitnessPal close and my Fitbit even closer. I've noticed that I *really* need to drink water on keto, not only because it will help to drop the number on the scale but also because I am really thirsty all the time.

Sometimes is hard to keep up with my family meals on keto: I live in Portugal and here people think rice, pasta, and potatoes are essential for living. The thing I miss the most, though, is bread. I'm gonna have a cheat day next weekend because it's my boyfriend's birthday. I'm aware that will reset my progress and kick me out of ketosis, but that's something we have to ponder.

I've felt much more energetic since I'm on keto. I feel less bloated too. These things have helped me stick to it.

My best advice for someone who's thinking about starting keto is: just do it and don't let the keto flu demoralize you! It'll take time to get used to but once you do, you'll see it was the best decision ever.

Right now I'm trying to create a website that includes a knowledge database to help those who want to start keto too. I'll keep you posted :)

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