keto : transformation tuesday - jason

I’m just going to tell it like it is: I was overweight my whole life. As far back as I can remember, I was sloppy & overweight.

I remember wrestling at 167 lbs in the 7th grade, and playing on the heavyweight football team with kids 2 to 3 years older than me because I was so big. My whole adolescent and teenage years were the same exact thing: I was the overweight guy that never went to a single dance or prom due to being so self-conscious. I was a likable guy, and had friends in high school, but I was depressed and the biggest reason was because of my weight. By sophomore year I realized that I could numb my pain with alcohol, soon being able to drink a fifth of whiskey and a 12 pack by myself over the weekend as a 16 year old. I continued this way through my high school years, trying different diets all the time, you know, the ones that I was told about in school.

The food pyramid that was given to me by my doctor recommended I follow a low fat, high-carb diet, with 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, pasta, etc. per day. After graduating high-school and landing a pretty good job, I met my now ex-wife at my place of employment, and before I knew it I was married with a kid on the way before I was 21 years old. Fast forward a few years: I had 3 kids of my own and a step-daughter before I was 26. The stress of everyday life on top of being obese, and a continued battle with alcohol, was a disaster combination for me. I pushed through the years trying every yo-yo diet imaginable until a routine office visit at my doctor's office turned into a team of doctors and nurses rushing me into exploratory surgery to save my life. They had me upside down to keep blood in my vital organs and were squeezing units of blood into both arms through IV bags. I was hemorrhaging out units of blood quicker than they could squeeze them into me. I remember asking God before I lost consciousness to spare my life. I had 4 kids at home at the time that depended on me and I couldn’t imagine them having their dad dead at 34. When I woke up that was the beginning of me changing everything about my life.

I realized we can be taken out at a moment's notice. One week out of the hospital, I started a low carb Atkins diet and dropped 20-30 lbs in 3 months. I began to get hooked on low carb dieting; I found Paleo and dropped another 30 lbs, but I became stuck in a plateau with Paleo. Soon after, I stumbled across a Facebook video of Brandon Carter. That’s when I started the ketogenic lifestyle, and have been that way ever since -- dropping a total of 105 lbs with an occasional Keto-Carnivore experiment which I like to do as well.

By God’s grace and the help from going keto, I was able to quit all of my addictions, including food. The ketogenic diet definitely helps you drop that scale number and lose your stored body fat, but it’s the internal things that are more important to me now. The ketogenic diet has helped me in so many ways I’d be here forever explaining them all to you, but here’s a few: the ketogenic lifestyle has improved my energy, brain function, sleep, strength, confidence, and self esteem. I would talk to anybody that would listen about how the ketogenic lifestyle could change their life. My obsession with this lifestyle and personal experience inspired me to start this online keto coaching business to help everybody I possibly can. You can find information or contact me on my website, and on Instagram, Facebook business, Snapchat, and Youtube @primalvoyage, or on the keto Facebook group called “Keto Freaks.”

God bless!