keto : transformation tuesday - jacqueline

When I first started the keto diet I was pretty hopeless and thought... well, why not?!

I weighed 310 pounds and was so upset because I thought I would always be big and nothing ever really worked to lose the weight. Even fad diets that I tried would result in losing 10-20 pounds just to gain it all back..and then some! I was pretty tired of everything that I had tried: counting calories, weighing food, fasting on water, taking diet pills... and still weighing in at 310 pounds! I decided my last hope was to start the keto diet, which I thought was not maintainable, I thought it was just another fad diet... I was wrong! The week I started eating steak, butter, eggs, bacon, cream in my coffee, cheese, mayo, avocado, and other keto foods I wasn't ever hungry! I was actually happy with what I could eat and how much I could have. I never counted anything except carbohydrates. I kept my carbs to a max of 20 total per day. I did not subtract sugar alcohols and fiber to get net carbs -- I did a straight 20 carbs per day diet. The weight fell off! Completely fell off. I lost 35 pounds in my first month; after 6 months I was down 90 pounds, and after 1 year I was down 140 pounds! I am currently maintaining a weight of 170 pounds but am beginning my next journey to get to 150 pounds. It was not always easy though; sometimes I struggled and sometimes I messed up, sometimes I went up and not down on the scale. I was always measuring and finding consistency in my measurements going down, which kept me motivated even when my scale had discouraged me!

I started adding in exercise as soon as I was able to move around better, probably when I got to about 250 pounds. I started with Zumba at my local ymca and I still love to do Zumba as away to stay active and keep the weight off.

The high fat (good fats) and low carb lifestyle has completely changed me as a person! I feel great and have so much more energy. The food that I eat now is tasty and rich and satisfying -- there is literally a low-carb version of every single food I love! This battle with my weight will never end, I will always try my best to stay healthy and be fit. Diet is so so so important, even more than exercise, in my opinion. With a keto lifestyle anyone can achieve health and happiness, the only thing it takes is will power. Please follow me on my Instagram @ketoklubz for updates and daily encouragement!