keto : transformation tuesday - donna

I started the Ketogenic diet in June of 2017. I saw friends on Facebook talking about it and I had to Google it. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a teen and always struggled with my weight, but it was becoming more frustrating than ever.

I gradually gained weight after high school and before I knew it I was over 200lbs. Then I got pregnant and gained even more weight. At nine months pregnant I was 264lbs. I skipped nutrition appointments with the nurse because I was sick of hearing how my diet must be the problem.

On December 21st I didn't feel right, so being nine months pregnant I went to the hospital. My midwife admitted me because my blood pressure was very high. I was induced and 36 hours later I had my little girl.

Months after having her I weighed 237 pounds. I could not believe I was still so big. I was breastfeeding which is supposed to help with weight loss. I was so frustrated.

Six months after having my daughter, I found keto. I had results so quickly. I lost 20lbs the first two weeks...and was down to my pre-pregnancy weight. In the first 4 months I lost 60lbs.

I plateaued for a few months at 180lbs. I started to workout and cut diet Coke. That helped me continue to lose.

My weight loss total is 83lbs. I am now 154lbs. I see keto as a lifestyle and it clearly works. I exceeded my goal. Which was to be in a healthy BMI for my height and weight.

I'm not trying to lose anymore weight. Instead, my goal is to change body composition. I want my body fat percentage under 25%, so I just have 2% left to go!

I hope this helps encourage anyone considering or currently following a keto diet!

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