keto : transformation tuesday - dani

I started Keto on 9/15/17 after learning I was pre-diabetic and 2 points away from being put on insulin. At the time, I was 268 pounds and in a size 24 at my largest.

Today, after nearly six months on keto, I’ve lost 50 pounds and am in a size 14. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary system), and with the keto diet I have managed to reverse my insulin resistance, I have a regular 28 day cycle and ovulate naturally. I used to get 3 cycles a year max, and was unable to ovulate naturally before I turned to keto. The hardest part about this diet for me was realizing how utterly addicted I was to sugar and carbs, and how badly those foods were affecting my health.

I am only 24 years old. I am a wife, and an adoptive mother to two daughters ages 7 and 8. I knew I had to make changes to live the long and healthy life that I not only want, but that my children deserve for me to have so they can have me as long as possible. The health scare was a reality check I needed. But I also think I was so successful on keto because I didn’t have to starve. I was always full and satiated, but I was keeping insulin levels low by eliminating carbs, so I was able to burn fat/lose weight. This diet heals, and there is no better feeling than taking YOUR health into your own hands and turning things around for yourself. That’s a huge accomplishment that no one can take from you. It gives you confidence when you take control over your health, and that confidence trickles over into every aspect of your life. My outlook is forever changed thanks to keto and what it has helped me improve in my life. And I just want anyone who is reading this to know: if I can, so can you!