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To tell you that I don’t believe in Keto would be a complete lie. It completely changed my life, and I truly think YOU need to try it.

So, my journey starts in November of 2016 when my wife and I visited a doctor to try to start the IUI process of getting pregnant. I had gained weight after our wedding and actually put on more than I had originally lost. My weight was hovering between 295-300 lbs. (which is beyond embarrassing to even write) but I’m 6’0 tall so I felt like it was ok?! The doctor told me, Ashley - you need to lose weight to have a better chance at having a baby. I left the doctor’s office embarrassed, upset, and just felt like giving up on the dream of having a kid.

We went through the holidays, eating our faces off - drinking, eating, drinking, eating and I hit 300 lbs. I told my wife, I’m going to be like everyone else and start to lose weight in January. So I did. We did some reach on Keto (which we had heard from a coworkers had worked for him) and we started the journey! I gave up drinking alcohol for the month of January 2017 and it was an awesome kick start! I had lost 12 lbs. my first month and just fell in love with the feeling I was getting. By June 2017, I had lost 50 lbs. and was keeping it off. It was the weirdest feeling because I have always been a yo-yo dieter. So, I kept going - set a goal to hit 60 lbs. gone and I did in October 2017.

Then, the dreaded holidays come. I knew this would be hard for me - the reality is, I’m addicted to food. I use it to fill a void, or make me feel better and it was just so tempting - I caved. And I caved hard! I ate every mashed potato, every piece of candy, every slice of pumpkin pie I could find. And before I knew it - I gained 15 lbs. back. I felt like crap! I was slacking on my working out (which I was consistently doing 6 days a week minimum up until this point) and my clothes (which I bought ALL new clothes since I had lost so much weight) were getting tighter.

January 2018 hits and I feel disgusting. I am mad at myself for letting my Keto routine go and I had to snap out of it. It took me a pretty long time to refocus - I started traveling for work (a lot) and I just didn’t know how to get it all back together. I promised myself this time around, I wouldn’t deprive myself of some of the things I like (i.e a glass of wine) because the reality is - you cave REALLY hard when you are that strict with yourself. Also, it is reality that you will never eat carbs or eat sugar again, NO! And I personally will always add a very, very small amount of those to my diet.

People ask me all the time, do you count your calories or your carb intake? Or what is the ideal amount to eat. To be truthful, I NEVER EVER counted anything. I knew what felt right and wrong and my body did the counting for me. I never used Keto strips to tell if I was in Ketosis. I just know. I am losing weight, I am super hydrated, and feel very energized.

This is MY journey. And we need to remember that everyone’s body is different but what is so great about Keto is that there is an amazing community to support each other. I call the holidays or any of bad days, my Keto struggles and boy, it is true!

I hope my journey can help you understand, the best part of every day is you get to start over every morning. If you slip up, it’s ok! Rebound quickly and remember your goals. My wife and I will be trying again very soon to have a baby and I owe my health and ability to potentially carry our child to my Keto journey!

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