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I was living overseas for almost two years and in that time has not been exercising or looking after myself. When I got home I wanted to get back to being healthy and fit, not just physically, but overall wellness and mental health too. I started the diet unintentionally! I was just eating what I thought to be a really “clean” diet and followed similar to what I thought was low carb. And turns out I was basically eating Keto. But I didn’t work this out until later.

The hardest part of the keto diet has been cutting out bread, because I love it. But I just had to stick it out and now I don’t even miss bread! I’m obsessed with avocado eggs and wilted greens with garlic as my breakfast meal. It is my favorite keto meal! I also love a bulletproof coffee.

I am currently trying to grow my muscles doing keto solely on its own. I have found this to be quite hard. I think keto is more suitable for maintaining a low body fat, but not necessarily facilitating muscle growth! So I tend to have one "carby" day a week. This works well for me because I can have some of the naughty things I wouldn’t normally have like rice or potato or pasta. And then I feel satiated again and struggle less with sticking to keto the rest of the week.

Since starting the keto diet, I have had increased energy and my mental focus is better too. But, I have found that just committing to exercising twice a day has given me a good sense of fulfillment and will power to follow things through and get stuff done. I’m slightly heavier now but have a lot more muscle and overall strength and I am so happy with how far I have come!

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