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I started struggling with my weight in my early teens. I had no idea that I actually had some very serious health issues. When I was told that I was suffering from PCOS and Hashimoto’s, I was devastated. I was put on wrong hormone meds for almost 4 straight years, because the treatment for Hashimoto’s is kind of trial and error until you find the right meds and dosage. Within those four years, my weight hit the 300’s. I was very sick, overweight, and hopeless. Nothing I tried seemed to work. I decided to change my specialist and was put on new meds. My doctor told me to be patient with my weight loss since it will be a very slow process with a daily dosage of hormones that I have to take to survive and function like a normal human being.

I started my research about all sorts of diets and lifestyle changes. I finally decided that the low carb diet would be the best for me. I cut almost all carbs from my diet and enrolled in a gym immediately. With the new treatment regime, diet, and exercise, I managed to lose 110 lbs in two and a half years. I kept my weight off for six years. Then, I started weight training, which helped me lose 30 lbs more and build muscle. I was training six days a week and I was loving it until I injured my right knee and had to slow down and stay in bed for a while. I gained 18 lbs back within that period as I was very depressed and disappointed in myself and I just kept eating senselessly. Seven months ago, I found out about the Ketogenic diet.

My first 10 days on Keto were very smooth. I didn't suffer from Keto Flu or anything, just a slight headache for one whole day. I didn't track my macros. I just allowed my body to adjust this new lifestyle without being hungry. I ate until I felt full and started taking my supplements right away . I also doubled the amount of water that I consumed. My husband and I have been on Keto ever since. We have not cheated and have no intention of doing it either.

Typical Keto eating and cooking for us as follows. We live in Greece, so we are blessed with all sorts of fresh and organic ingredients grown locally. I try to cook a variety of Keto friendly meals. But we especially love lamb, fresh seafood, eggs, extra virgin olive oil, and greens. We love having cooked meals rather than a quick Keto fix like cheese and salami. I love "ketofying" regular recipes. I usually come up with my own receipes. I try to make oven baked meat varieties that we can consume with fresh green salads most of the time. I only eat twice a day with no snacks in between. I love fried or boiled eggs and bulletproof coffee for breakfasts. I usually go shopping on Saturdays and get whatever looks incredible then make my meal planning for the upcoming week on Sunday afternoons. This regiment helped me lose the last 30 lbs and also it helps me maintain my weight. I have managed to lose 153 lbs total in 10 years.

I still exercise regularly and wear a US size small now. Some if the major benefits for us have been that I have no more Hashimoto’s or PCOS symptoms on a daily basis and, most importantly, my husband is now diabetes free. We have clearer skin, much more energy, mental clarity, no more sugar or carb cravings, less hunger and appetite, and an overall much healthier look. There are few tips that I can give to people who are new to Ketogenic way of living. One of which is to consult their health professionals before doing this major lifestyle change. If all is well, start slow and allow their bodies to a be fat adapted. Do not focus on weigh loss only. There are many many more health benefits that Ketogenic lifestyle will bring into their lives. Drink a lot of water and stay positive.

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