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I started Keto in April of 2016. I was over 240 pounds at my heaviest weight. I was embarrassed to even step on a scale. My BMI was over 40% and I was wearing a size 18/20. I hated the way I looked, and I was depressed about my weight.

I started drinking alcohol more often, which only made me gain more weight. I'd be at the bar until 4 in the morning, and then I'd wake up and eat burgers, fries, and other comfort carbs to try and cure my hangover. I was unhappy all the time. Now, people ask me"what made you make the change?" The answer is simple: I woke up one morning sick and tired of hating myself. I want people to know and understand about keto because nobody should go through life not loving themselves. Was it hard? Yes, but being overweight was harder.

My favorite recipe to make on Keto is definitely the low carb fried chicken! Instead of using flour, you grind up pork rinds for the breading. I swear it's better than any floured fried chicken I've ever had!

My most useful tips would be to make sure you're drinking at least a gallon of water a day. Use lots of high quality salt, my favorite is pink Himalayan salt! If you are ever craving sweets, eat some whipped cream. I even mix my whipped cream with a small amount of powdered peanut butter! Don't worry about the numbers on the scale. Your numbers may not be going down, but you could still be losing inches. Instead, take measurements and use those for your progress! Take progress pictures, too. Sometimes you forget how far you've come and you need a little reminder!

Since starting the keto diet, I'm down to 140 pounds, my BMI is 18%, I'm in a size 2/4, and alcohol-free. The most important thing is that I'm finally happy. The biggest change in my life would be my confidence. I was at the point were I hated having my picture taken, and I didn't even want to see people I knew. If you can push past the first two weeks to a month, it gets so much easier. If you're ever feeling down or need help, seek help from the keto community, because they are so supportive.

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