low carb transformation : gary

Weight has always been an issue for me, even at a young age. I’ve tried all the diets, pills, shakes, etc. Most of them worked initially, but I would fall off the wagon quickly, getting tired of the same old stuff. I didn’t want to pay for all that “extra” stuff I needed to lose weight either. Some products would cost over $100.00 a month! That’s a lot of bacon!

I started Keto July 4th weekend of 2017. It wasn’t the most ideal weekend due to us hosting a party where nothing but carbs were going to be scattered around everywhere. But I was done. I was ready. I didn’t touch anything non Keto that weekend. My brain was fixed and nothing was going to stop me. I was 31 years old and 266lbs. Just a few months prior to that in March I was 286lbs. I was miserable. I had aches and pains everywhere constantly. I was tired most of the day. I got heavily winded when barely doing anything at all and would start to sweat almost standing still. I couldn’t play with my kids. You get to a point where you realize you not only want a change, you NEED a change.

Keto was just that, a change, and a huge one to say the least. I was eating real foods, real butter and bacon, all while losing weight and feeling amazing. My mind had troubles sometimes accepting the fact that this way of eating was helping me lose weight and feel refreshed. Inches starting falling off, sometimes quicker than the pounds. In the first month I was down over 20lbs and had lost almost 10 inches on my body total. My energy was through the roof. My mind was clear. This was it fo me, Keto was my long lost “diet” I had been looking for.

I love the fact that I’m eating REAL food all the time. We’ve been told we need carbs to function, for our brains to work, to be awake and alert. I truly believe sugar is a drug now. We constantly have sugar put in front of us everywhere we turn, we’re programmed to want it, maybe even told we “need” it. For me Keto was simple, keep carbs under 20 grams a day and no sugar. Period. No gimmicks, no surprises and no monthly fees. Fat is your new fuel source and you need a lot of it. Don’t be afraid to eat!

I’m now at 221lbs and working on building muscle while incorporating weightlifting and intermittent fasting. My labs just came back and all my numbers are in line! I’m enjoying eating the meals that aren’t full of carbs and sugar leaving me in a state of laziness after every sitting.

This is long term for me, and I believe Keto will uncover a lot of things that have been covered up in both the food and medical industries for quite some time now. I hope to see more Keto friendly options become available everywhere.

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