keto : transformation tuesday - elizabeth b

Keto has changed my life so much for the better.

Before I started keto I was very overweight; I had a serious addiction to sugar and never had energy. I am a former cake decorator and I worked in bakeries for 13 years, and I became addicted to sugar. Now, I have been on keto for almost 9 months and I have never felt better. I’m no longer a prisoner to food! I have never felt deprived and I don’t have to micro-manage what I eat. I have lost 55lbs so far and I would like to lose about 50 more. Once you realize carbs and sugar make you fat your life will never be the same!

The biggest thing that has changed since I started keto is that I’ve learned how to control what I’m eating and I look at food totally differently. When I started keto I didn’t have the energy to cook my breakfast in the mornings so I would cook all my eggs on Sunday. Now I cook in the mornings, I have the energy to go to the gym. I have gone from a size 22/24 down to a 16.

The best part about keto is that I didn't actually have to give up my love for desserts! Because of my experience in bakeries, I make a lot of my own low-carb sweets at home. My favorite is cheesecake fluff. I mix cream cheese with heavy whipping cream and Swerve sweetener, then I add vanilla extract and a variety of add-ins like fresh berries, unsweetened cocoa powder, and peanut butter or lemon curd. I found a recipe for microwave lemon curd and I just substitute Swerve where it calls for sugar. Another sweetener I like to use has monk fruit in it.

I also like to make Mounds cookies with keto-friendly condensed milk. I mix 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and 1-1/2 cups of Swerve & vanilla extract. You cook it down until it is thick, then mix with unsweetened coconut flakes and sugar-free chocolate chips. Drop it onto a cookie sheet by spoonfuls and bake. Another recipe I love is for chocolate chip cookies with almond flour and fathead cinnamon rolls.

Going low-carb doesn't mean you'll feel deprived. I was able to turn my passion & knowledge for carbohydrate-based food into my biggest asset on this diet. Because I made it a priority to learn how to make keto-friendly desserts, I was able to stick with the diet without indulging in foods that would have set me back. Now that I have the energy to prepare meals at home I'm saving a lot of money and finding that I love food even more now that I use it as a tool instead of a weapon. My advice to people is to stick with keto! Learn how to make the foods you like and stick with it!

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