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I started the ketogenic diet on February 27 2017 and I was at 249.8 pounds. Suffering of high blood pressure, acne (very bad acne), crazy irregular periods and I was almost diabetic. I was on multiple medications because of my hormonal imbalances. I was feeling really sad about myself because I was too young and I was having so many health issues.

One of my cousins recommend keto to me and after doing my own research, I started my journey. I was skeptical at first because I was brainwashed into believing that fat is bad for you. I remember my first day on keto - I started with a bulletproof coffee for breakfast. For lunch eggs, bacon, and butter and dinner was cheesy broccoli and a chicken breast wrapped in bacon. The next morning I was down 4 pounds and that was crazy for me.

I have learned so much but the most important part is that I know my body.

I enjoy keto as a lifestyle.

My best recommendation is to do what works for you because every body is different and to also find joy in the journey. On my 3rd month doing “lazy keto” I was down 40 pounds and officially off of all my medications. On my 6th month, I was down 60 pounds and it took me one year and four months to lose 90 pounds. To lose that 90 pounds, I went through eight plateaus. I’m currently working to lose 100 pounds total.

The ketogenic way of eating has changed my whole life.

Now I’m a woman full of energy, I have normal cycles, I’m not obese anymore, and I generally love myself! I’m full of joy thanks to keto. We cannot compare ourselves with anyone. We need to embrace so many non-scale victories because they count. Sometimes we get so worried about the scale and it is not about the scale.

I’m so glad that I never quit keto. I can enjoy my healthy lifestyle enjoying all the foods that I love. I’m currently one year and four months on keto and I’m so happy. I’m living proof that keto works and I truly believe that the world needs to know the truth about the real healthy nutrition. Keep yourself motivated, do it for yourself and at the end you’ll thank yourself. It’s all possible if you’re thinking about doing keto - GO FOR IT! I hope that I can inspire and change someone else life today. Thank you and Keto On!! Follow me on Instagram: @theketonavywife

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