keto : transformation tuesday

After I was diagnosed with PCOS and pre-diabetes last December, I did a lot of research and found out about keto and how it is beneficial to help people like me.

I started my Keto Journey on March 10th but had some cheat meals during the long weekend, at the end of March. But the results I experienced in those 20 days were really amazing and made me RESTART my keto journey

So, on April 1st, at my heaviest weight of 240.3 lbs, I started again. My goal is to lose 85 lbs. I have been working out 3-4 times a week, and keeping my carbs to under 20g most of the days, (some days more, but max. 25g). I have lost 12.1 lbs total in April.

Apart from weight loss, some other things I noticed are:

  • my skin feels so good

  • I am able to get good sleep

  • I am more disciplined with my workouts and meal prep.

I never fasted in my life before and I have been doing 20-22 hr fasts so easily. I now see macros when I see food and I am not so tempted to eat unhealthy foods. I am going to make KETO my lifestyle and gain my health back.

Keto is amazing!! I love it!!