keto: transformation tuesday - andrea

It was April 2017, I had made the choice to try going low carb again as it has worked for me in the past. A girlfriend had seen me pinning meal after meal on Pinterest and reached out to tell me about this amazing diet called Keto. After doing tons of research I just knew that this was the diet for me. It looked and sounded like something I could adapt to as well as my family.

For many years I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety triggered mostly from being overweight. I would always turn to food for comfort and eat every unhealthy carb that I could. With 319lbs being the heaviest I’ve seen on my scale, it was definitely time to get my life back and heal my addiction to food. Also being a new mom, not only did I need to do this for myself but I needed to set a good example for my son. He deserves a healthy mother.

I took the “jump right in” approach and regret nothing. Within the first week I had lost 7lbs and a steady 2-4lbs every week that followed for the remainder of 2017. Month by month not only could I see results I could feel my overall health improving. I had more energy, I was sleeping better and the mental clarity was a bonus. Goodbye depression and goodbye anxiety! The list goes on, the health benefits from living a Keto lifestyle are beyond amazing.

Almost one year later I am over 100lbs down and feel like a new person, I can honestly thank Keto for that.

The food I eat daily is full of nutrients that fuel my body so well, In the beginning I started of with walking as my only form of exercise. I’ve since become a runner and have so much more stamina. I’ve actually signed up for my first 5k this year and plan on smashing that.

I regularly have my body measured and fat percentage taken, since starting keto I have lost over 75 inches all around my body as well as my BFP went from over 50% to 29% all while maintaining my lean body mass. I am beyond impressed with the results I gotten, I’ve never done a diet that was so easy to sustain.

Keto has become a lifestyle for me.

To anyone pondering the idea of trying out this way of eating, just go for it and don’t look back! Keep it simple, keep it clean and trust the process.

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