why keto is a lifestyle, NOT a diet

When keto became my lifestyle

Fifteen years ago I started my first diet. I was excited at what I thought would be the beginning of my idyllic future. I had visions of swapping out my frumpy clothes with thin, summery dresses that tailored around and highlighted my thin waist. These dreams also included me effortlessly eshewing all cheese-y, sauce-y edibles that usually held me captive. My habits and cravings were no match for my new-found motivation to be healthier...for the first 4 days. At every meal I pulled out my calculator and input algorithms to determine how many bites I could get in to hold me over to my next meal of allotted points.

Soon my cute little notebook full of food items and their correlating points lost its appeal as it gave way to real life and the pace of a woman working her way through college. I wasn't able to maintain the time or food deprivation that diet took and, as so many attempts since, it ended in failure with only weight gain and loss of confidence to show for my efforts. This pattern repeated itself over the next 12 years of my life as time after time I succumbed to my hunger and ate everything in sight without regard to nutritional content.

Sometimes I'd focus on exercise and put nutrition on the back burner, unable to juggle three young children, exercise, and planning and prepping healthy meals. But even with increased exercise my body hung onto the flab as I continued to feed it carb after carb. Bread and sugar were my kryptonite and I gave into it eagerly, rationalizing that "professionals" preach the idea that carbs promote healthy brain and body function. But my reflection in the mirror and in photographs told a different story: carbs were making me fat and unhealthy.

As I started researching different approaches to a healthy life-style, my sister's success story came to mind. She had struggled with childhood obesity that turned into adolescent obesity and it played a toll on her behavior and psyche. She was withdrawn, angry, and lacked self-confidence. But just before her 16th birthday she reached a turning point. Over the course of several weeks she lost every extra pound she had carried for so long. Her inches became smaller as her smile became wider. She garnered attention she had felt undeserving of before and blossomed under her new-found confidence and healthy life-style.

In my own moment of health crisis, I turned to her, asking how she had lost 60 lbs so quickly and kept it off for so many years and through so many life changes. Her secret: low carb. I started researching this phenomenon myself and through my research I discovered the keto community. But unlike other diets that restrict and starve, this approach never left you with nothing to eat. Salads topped with cheese, chicken, and dressing sounded like heaven to my calorie deficit mind. Pork chops slathered in a rich mushroom cream sauce served over a bed of grilled asparagus hardly seemed like a diet food! And if I reached my carb limit before the end of the day there were plenty of satisfying zero carb options to choose from. This way of eating was something I could completely and happily commit to without feeling the deprivation of other diets.

The niKETO lifestyle

With so many amazing success stories and tasty options to choose from, why wouldn't you make keto your lifestyle? These three culprits seem to be the biggest obstacles in making keto a journey rather than a destination:

  1. food options

  2. food preparation

  3. education

Here at niKETO we strive to help you overcome each hurdle as you make keto a part of your lifestyle. Our recipes take the stress out of meal prepping as you create delicious meals you and your family will thrive on. Each one is low-carb but high on the flavor spectrum, making them an ideal option for even your non-keto friends!

Don't have time to prepare a meal? Stop by the niKETO restaurant location (coming late fall 2018) and indulge in a dish prepared with your lifestyle in mind. Each meal is prepared with culinary expertise to make your goals attainable and your lifestyle simple.

Knowledge is power and it is our goal to empower the keto community with the information you need to succeed. Check out our many posts aimed at clarifying the keto lifestyle so you can be happy and healthy living the life you have always wanted. Healthy living is, after all, a lifestyle, not a diet.


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