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Low-Carb: More than a Diet

A diet is quite literally defined by what you eat. The collection of food you take in during the day is your diet, be it good or bad. Low-carb certainly takes care of the diet aspect. The food choices are very strict and designed to reach the end goal of better overall health, often times that includes a plan for weight loss (1).

But low-carb is more than the food you eat. Low-carb is a lifestyle that extends beyond meal preparation. Many new dieters notice that non-low carb dieters use the word ‘obsessed’ when describing a low-carb dieter’s mindset. And they aren’t wrong, low-carb dieters do become obsessed with their health as a byproduct of way eating low-carb works and makes them feel.

Low-carb isn’t easy. It takes a drastic change in mentality to accomplish the long term, lasting effects of keto. You can’t only rely on determination. Even the strongest willed people crack when it comes to the one thing we all share, the love of the food we need to live. It takes conscious effort to decide to try low-carb eating: doing the research like you’ll find here on niKETO, finding the right foods, and stocking up, and being diligent about knowing what you’re eating by tracking your carb intake. Low-carb is a psyche that centers around a core diet, but the success of a low-carb diet is rooted in living a mindful life focused on the goals you’re using the diet to accomplish.


One of the more difficult concepts for new dieters to grasp is the idea that you will need to dedicate more of your time, thought, and effort to a low-carb lifestyle. Many people fall into the trap of feeling hungry and eating out of convenience. They don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about what to eat or preparing it. They’d rather grab something quick, stop the hunger and move on with their day. This is where weight gain and bad health are born.

But eating low-carb can fix all of the ails that absent-minded eating creates, only it has to come from a change in the way we think. Here at niKETO we have a simple philosophy, you live low-carb, you don’t just eat low-carb. Don’t be a slave to a diet, eating low-carb isn’t about sacrifice, it’s about living a happy, healthier life, conscious of what you’re putting in your body. While eating low-carb, you can enjoy your food and you should, food is a major source of our enjoyment as humans, you shouldn’t have to cut something that brings you joy.

At the niKETO restaurant, our motto is eating healthy without even knowing it. What does that mean? We don’t ever want to be thought of as diet food. NiKETO creates good food with great flavors that are also optimized to be healthy for any lifestyle.

Find Your Enjoyment in the Low Carb Lifestyle

At first, the idea of having to spend a lot more brain power on your diet is a bit daunting. But once you get into it, eating low-carb is a lot of fun. There are social groups dedicated to eating low-carb, entire sites, like us here at niKETO, who try to educate and inspire dieters, there are low-carb cookbooks with fun low-carb meals created by dieters who like to bake and cook.

The point is, those who don't eat low-carb call low-carb dieters obsessed, but in reality, we are just enjoying our new lifestyle and the incredibly healthy benefits that come with it.

As a bonus, check out our fun low carb recipes and meal plans to see what we mean about finding joy in your low carb lifestyle.


(1) Hussein M Dashti, MD PhD FICS FACS, Thazhumpal C Mathew, MSc PhD FRCPath, Talib Hussein, MB ChB, et al. Long-term effects of a ketogenic diet in obese patients. Exp Clin Cardiol. 2004 Fall; 9(3): 200–205.

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