keto tips + tricks to dining out


You can still dine out as usual while following a keto diet. However, choose your order more wisely and carbohydrate-minded. Whether you are out and need a fast meal, or going to dine out with friends or family, there is something to be ordered that is niKETO approved from each and every place. It is extremely helpful to do your research beforehand. It is advisable to search the restaurant online, as most places have their menus listed. Be sure to go through their menu options, and carefully inspect the menu item description, which contain the contents of the meal. If it is a fast food venue or a chain restaurant with over 20 locations, they are required by FDA law to have both the menu and nutrition information accessible. Having the nutrition facts readily available is obviously key to maintaining your macro count, however, there are many places that do not, and are not required to provide this information. Therefore, it is a good idea to be familiar with safe choices before being enticed by foods you should stay away from.

That said, here are six top tips for eating out.

Eliminate the starch

Do away with bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. Order your meal without the starchy sides. If, despite your cautious ordering, the plate still comes with a starchy side, you can ask the waiter to replace one or two ingredients with something better or re-serve the meal without the starch. And if you are at a more casual place, take care of the unwanted foods by simply discarding them in the trash.

Add healthy fat

Fast foods can be low in fat, which can make it difficult to feel satisfied without eating carbs. However, this issue can be fixed easily. Request additional butter and melt it on the meat or vegetables. You can also ask for vinegar dressing and olive oil, to be sprinkled liberally on salads and your meal. A number of fast foods or restaurants provide less expensive vegetable oils instead of olive oil . Although this is not very healthy, you can carry a small bottle of olive oil with you.

Choose drinks with caution

The best drinks to go for include coffee, tea, and water. And if you feel like taking any alcoholic beverage, its best to avoid any beers, wines, or champagne. Hard liquor has zero carbs, so ordering a mixed drink is always your best option. Choose wisely when selecting a mixer, and be cautious of the cocktails on the menu, as most of them contain sugary syrups and juices.

Keep an eye on condiments and sauces

While sauces and condiments are an amazing way to add flavor and fat into your meal, they are usually loaded with sugar. If you are not certain about any sauce, do not be shy to ask about the ingredients used and avoid it should it contain flour or sugar. You can also request that the sauce be placed on the side, so you can decide on the quantity to add to your meal.

Be cautious with Salads

If you are served a salad, be sure to know its contents. Salads which contain berries and leafy greens are great options. However, it is advisable to choose simpler salads that contain meat with side dressing, provided the meat does not contain any filler. The reason for this is because simple salads tend to come with, or be easily (and tasty) substituted with a low sugar dressing. Such low sugar dressings include Ranch, Caesar, Chipotle + Blue Cheese. And, of course, always do away with croutons and other excess items that may contain carbs from the salad.

Skip the bun or wrap

It's always possible to turn a simple burger keto instantly, by removing the bun! I recommend ordering the burger without bun in the first place, as to eliminate any possibility for temptation. Some fast food restaurants such as In and Out will make your burger "protein style", which just means they swap the bun with large pieces of lettuce instead. When ordering your burger without the bun, you can always ask if they are able to do a "lettuce wrap", or if they could substitute the bun for lettuce. Most places should know what you are talking about and be able to accommodate, especially when dining in a restaurant versus at a fast food drive thru.

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