keto haul: costco


Welcome to our first post in our newest series: keto haul. In each segment I will highlight the best keto foods to purchase at the most popular grocery stores we shop at. Making a shopping list has never been so easy!

First up is Costco, a hugely popular place to shop as some keto products can be pricey (we're looking at you, almond flour!) and buying it in bulk can cut the price tag sometimes. We also love Costco for their commitment to quality and when you are buying mass amounts of meat, quality matters! And their cheese game is on point with dozens of cheese varieties to choose from. Costco can be real game changer for the keto lifestyle.

Now that I've convinced you to make Costco your one stop destination for all things keto, here's your shopping list for next time you go:



kerrygold butter

heavy whipping cream


frozen vegetables

organic cauliflower rice

rotisserie chicken

chia seeds

himalayan salt

sea weed

kirkland pulled pork

salmon burger patties

almond milk

coconut oil

pre-packaged salads

tip: watch the dressings and toppings in some of the kits. Common culprits of hidden carbs are dressings, candied almonds, and craisins.

Whisps cheese crisps

cream cheese

sour cream

kirkland signature bacon

tip: opt for low-sodium bacon as Kirkland regular bacon has 1 carb per slice!


Duke's smoked shorty sausages


ground turkey

organic almond butter

organic peanut butter

cheese sticks


Eco Drink

tip: Eco Drink is flavored with stevia, a low GI sweetener. Look for other flavored drinks sweetened with stevia.

pork chops


La Fina jalapeno dip

almond flour




deli meat

tip: Kirkland Signature turkey is the least processed. When looking for a quality deli meat be sure to note hidden sugars and carb content.


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