keto for vegans + vegetarians

The ketogenic diet has been backed by science to be a viable option for losing weight and preventing disease. This diet is a great choice for those looking to significantly lower intake of refined sugars and carbohydrates, which in turn eliminates most overly processed food items. Taking the diet back to the roots and focusing on whole foods that the earth provides, that are low in carbohydrates, and high in disease-fighting antioxidants is one of the main focuses of this eating plan. While this plan in itself has a lot of benefits, those considering keto who are also vegetarian or vegan are opening the doors to be eating even healthier. By combining the ketogenic diet with a plant-based diet, which incorporates little to no cholesterol or animal products, the environment (and your body) will thank you. For those of us that need to be wary of high cholesterol as a genetic factor, a ketogenic and vegetarian diet may be the best choice.

There are still so many different foods that one can enjoy on a keto + plant-based diet. Options that fit into this category and provide adequate nutrients when combined correctly are:

  • all nuts and seeds

  • low starch vegetables

  • fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut

  • soy foods such as tofu and tempeh

  • avocado

  • vegetable oils like cold-pressed coconut oil

  • supplemental protein powders such as pea protein.

Teaching the body to cut back on sugar, processed foods and animal products can be challenging but it has been proven by scientific studies and by word of mouth to have so many benefits. As recommended by one group of scientists led by David Jenkins, they found that a macronutrient construct of “­­less than 26% carbohydrate, 31% vegetable protein and 45% fat” was in line with the constraints of the keto + plant based diet plan and provided adequate calories and energy. The body will begin to react positively as you learn to follow its nutritive needs intuitively.

A smart way to start this eating plan is to begin with a short term goal. When we set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (SMART), we can really learn to embrace success. By being organized and planning ahead you can set yourself up to meet your expectations and really know what the outcome of your hard work is going to be. This is a big reason to consider starting out with a two week ketogenic and plant-based diet. One way to do this with success is to write things down during your journey. Preparing yourself mentally before, during, and after this kind of lifestyle change helps to record emotions, good or bad, and be able to learn through the experience. Keep a two-week food diary of what you plan to eat, what you actually ate, and how you felt during each phase. At the end of the two weeks you’ll be able to go back and read how you did and decipher if this is the right balance of macronutrients for you and your body.

What makes lifestyle behaviors like this even easier to adopt are restaurants and food companies that bring more intention to their mission statements as a business. niKETO is going to be able to provide customers with a one-stop shop for ketogenic dieters so that food is readily available for them without the hassle of meal prepping or agonizing over menu items. This is such an amazing concept because so many dining-out establishments bank on serving customers with overly rich, sugary and unbalanced meals. Taking consideration for those who are following a healthier diet rooted in awareness and preventative care is what niKETO aims to do.

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