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Keto is the diet equivalent of the circus plate-spinning act. Essentially, with keto, you have three plates in the air, all spinning on sticks of different lengths, traveling at different speeds. Your balancing act requires equal attention to every plate, because if one goes down, the others topple with it. In this scenario, your plates are fat, carbs, and protein. These are the macro-nutrients that make up the 3 sides of any diet. Keto, however, requires special attention towards the carbohydrate plate.

With such a strict limit on carb consumption in keto, it is important to know exactly how many grams you’ve eaten so you can budget them and avoid going over your carb spending limit.

Another important reason to track your macros is to keep you working towards your keto goals. Are you trying to lose weight with keto? Tracking your carbs and limiting calories is a much easier task when you can see the data and adjust as your day goes on. Or is maintenance and general health your reason for keto? The trackers and calculators are designed to make sure you get the right amount of calories to keep you at the weight you want to be. Tracking keeps you honest when it comes to portion control.


Because you don’t have enough reasons to pull your phone out every 2 minutes, here come the nutrition trackers. These apps are lifesavers (and keto savers). They have all the nutritional information from millions of foods programmed into their databases, and if they’re missing an obscure one, like your favorite fermented pickled herring chunks, they can extract everything about a food product by reading the item’s barcode for you. Smart phones indeed!

Ketoers' favorite tracking apps are myfitnesspal, LoseIt!, and Cronometer: all of which can be used for free or enhanced with paid add-ons. The reason these three rank towards the top is that all of them can be customized for keto by bringing the daily carb allowances down and the fat intakes up.

Here on we have a calculator to help you figure out your macros and calorie-count based on your goals, age, sex, activity level, and body type. Once you’ve customized a plan for yourself, it’s easy to set up one of the tracker to guide you along the way.


Keto is tracking. It’s hard to get away from. Some long-time ketoers can avoid logging everything they eat simply because they’ve been doing it for so long. But it’s recommended that until you get to the point where you can look at an item on a store shelf and know how many net carbs it has, like Robocop’s computerized data vision, you track every bite you take. It will prevent those hidden carbs from sneaking in and ruining the keto party. Finding out your body has been kicked out of its ketogenic state by one unaccounted for snack is more rage-inducing than wet socks and a slow car in the fast-lane combined.

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