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Sweet revenge

If the keto lifestyle had a flag it would likely feature a large pile of sugar with a line through it… or a dagger, depending on how aggressive and piratey you’d want to be about it. That’s because in the world of low-carb, sugar is the enemy. And it’s a particularly tough enemy because it’s well hidden in many foods, it goes by different names, and its sweet punch is seductive, giving you an endorphin rush that elevates your mood just like a drug.

One of the toughest parts of keto for most people, especially newbies, is giving up the sweet; sugar is very addictive and won’t surrender easily. But ketoers are a smart, inventive bunch and have found low-carb alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth. There are a handful of options for keto-sweet, but not everyone likes or can handle the most popular sugar alternatives.

  • Take Stevia for example. Stevia is very sweet and can add the zing back to your morning coffee, but it’s not the best for using in foods because in higher amounts –and we’re talking more than a few drops at once- it can become bitter and unpleasant.

  • Swerve, and any sweetener that contains inulin, can wreak havoc on people with allergies. Inulin is a chicory derivative and chicory is related to ragweed, one of the most common sources of allergy issues. So beware of sweeteners that use inulin, they can make your allergies worse.

  • Sugar alcohols like erythritol, xylitol, and sorbitol can be great for keto since they are low calorie and mostly low-carb. The only problem is, the reason they are so low-carb is that they’re hard to fully digest and your body doesn’t absorb them all the way. This malabsorption can make some people sick with upset stomachs, severe bloating, and diarrhea that can last for days. Sugar-free candies, gum, low-calorie ice creams, and some medications use sugar alcohols

Well, we here at niKETO are always on the lookout for alternatives to expand the growing universe of keto options. So for all of you that have issues with other low-carb sweeteners, allow us to introduce one that we found and love:

Dolcedi’ Sweetener.

How do like them apples?

Dolcedi’ is a sweetener made entirely of apples. It’s basically super-concentrated apple juice made from organic apples. It boasts a neutral flavor that only adds sweet and doesn’t tinge everything with an apple flavor, if that’s what you were worried about. It can be added to drinks and yogurt and keto pancakes and whatever else you want without altering the flavor.

But aren’t apples high in carbs and not super keto friendly?

Yes, apples can be carby because they contain glucose, sucrose, and fructose, all of which are forms of sugar. But one of those three sugars isn’t like the others. Fructose is processed directly by the liver and doesn’t get the chance to raise blood sugar. Glucose and sucrose, on the other hand, absorb straight into the bloodstream and bump your blood sugar up immediately.

Knowing this, Dolcedi filters and processes out the glucose and sucrose leaving only the sweet, sweet fructose in a high concentration. This is what knocks Dolcedi’s glycemic index number down from 100 to just 22.

Because niKETO is also opening a restaurant soon, we’ve found that Dolcedi’ works well in baking and as an addition to any dish that needs a sweet pop. We particularly like that it comes as a liquid and performs well as a honey substitute.

With a GI score less than a quarter of white sugar and a sweetness almost double normal sugar, Dolcedi’ offers plenty of sweet for a fraction of the nutritional cost. A half teaspoon is plenty to sweeten any dessert, including a whole pie. And the carb hit to your daily total is a measly 1.5 carbs and 12 calories per half teaspoon!

It can seem a little pricey until you remember how little a half teaspoon actually is, and that the bottle will last you quite a while. Amazon has Dolcedi for the best price we’ve found. While you’re there, check out the customer reviews and see why everyone else is raving about it too.

Dolcedi’ is certified organic, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. niKETO has recently added it to our kitchen and recommends Dolcedi as a great option to liven up your keto-sweet arsenal.

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