11 best tips for staying with keto when the going gets tough


Staying on Keto can be tough when everything you’ve been taught about food up until this point has been the opposite the keto way of life: “Wait, bacon can be good for me? More butter? Cheese, please!”

It can be hard to stick with it at first, so do yourself a favor and use these tips from seasoned ketoers to stay on the path.


Most first time ketoers don’t realize that keto as a diet is a diuretic, you’re going to pee a lot. Drink enough water to make sure you don’t dehydrate and fall into the keto flu.


Hand in hand with water, you need to make sure you get the electrolytes your body is losing with all that urination. Sodium, Potassium, magnesium, and glutamine are all electrolytes you will need to replenish on a daily basis. You can find them in the right keto approved foods and calculate the correct amounts or you can use scientifically formulated supplements.


If you didn’t have an exercise plan before keto it’s a good idea to start one once your body is keto adjusted. Don’t go crazy. Don’t start running 5 miles a day if you’ve never run before. Start slow and build up. Adding a new walk in the evening is a good jumping off point as it gets you moving and thinking outside of old routines. Exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment that leads to an unwillingness to cheat on your diet.


The hardest keto topic to discuss in polite company is the way the diet changes your bathroom habits, luckily we’re here for you. Keto is a big change and a major adjustment for most newbies and their bowel movements. Some people get blocked up, while others report a more rapid, watery release. Normally, this issue will clear up on its own as you follow the leafy-green veggie advice the diet espouses. But if it doesn’t self-correct in a few weeks, you should consider an MCT supplement as this fat chain is known to help ease the symptoms of both diarrhea and constipation due to its unique absorption in the body.


Easier said than done. But a lot of people don’t take the time to focus on distressing and actively work to combat the stress in their lives. Stress raises hormone levels in the body that spike blood sugar and reduce ketone production. Stress can also raise ghrelin which is the hormone that tells you you’re hungry, this is why a lot of us stress eat. So take the time to identify your stress and work towards resolving it so your body’s chemistry doesn’t throw you into a spiral that causes you to break keto.


Do you remember how easy it was to grab a burger on the way home when you were hungry but didn’t feel like making dinner? Well the fast food days are over, but the hunger and not wanting to cook feelings aren’t. Do yourself a huge favor that will keep you from backsliding into old habits, prepare your keto meals ahead of time. Have them ready to go so you don’t have that moment of debate about if it’s worth it to cheat for just one night… IT’S NOT! Find some spare time when you aren’t hungry or tired and make some meals for later in the week. Future you will thank past you profusely!


Get to bed! Put the phone down, turn on the television’s sleep timer and close your eyes by a decent hour. Don’t rely on coffee and energy drinks anymore. Keto has your back in the energy department; if you can survive the early weeks, you will find yourself with plenty of energy. But if you don’t get a good night’s sleep in the early going you’re setting yourself up for failure. Sleep deprivation slows ketone production, drives up hunger, and leads to foggy decision making, “should I have pizza for lunch? Sure, why not?” Don’t hinder your own success by sacrificing sleep. As a matter of fact, it you are reading this article on your phone, in bed, you have our support in shutting it down now and finishing the last 4 tips tomorrow. Go to sleep!


Many have been in your shoes and done what you are setting out to do. Use them as a wealth of knowledge and ideas. Most ketoers are happy to share their journeys and most feel an obligation to the keto diet for changing their life for the better and see helping others as way to give back to the diet. Ask question, ask for tips, feel free to ask us questions here at info@eatniketo.com, we definitely belong in the ‘want to give back group,’ look what it’s done for us!


On keto you’re allowed roughly 20 carbs per day. A single Twinkie has exactly that: 20 carbs. Does that mean that if you eat no other carbs during the day you can eat that twinkie? Technically, sure. But you need to ask yourself how many other nutrients the snack cake will be providing… almost none. Whereas a handful of almonds, a spinach salad, some roasted zucchini, and a quarter cup of berries will also give you 20 carbs for the day, in addition to fiber, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and a little help with keeping things moving. Not all carbs are created equal. Choose the ones that give you the most additional impact.


Too much protein will synthesize in your system as glucose and derail your keto efforts. This set back is a huge hit to new ketoers who can’t understand why their under 20-grams-of-carbs-a-day-diet is not working as promised. Most of our lives we’ve been told to eat protein, and protein is still important to maintain as much muscle mass as possible when dropping the fat, but too much will keep you from reaching a ketogenic state. So use a diet tracker, set your percentages so that your protein is around 20% of your daily caloric intake, and stick to it.


Supplements are helpful on any diet regardless of the goal outcome: losing weight, gaining muscle, maintaining health. Keto is no different. But Keto supplements can be a bit more specialized based on the unique nature of keto itself. Vitamins like D3, electrolytes like those discussed above, MCT fat chains, DHEA, and additional ketone supplements are all major helpers in assisting keto and achieving the positive results. But just like your food labels, be sure you read your supplement labels so you know you are getting the right dosages and ingredients. Check us out here at niKETO to see the list of supplements we stand by in the fight to achieve and maintain the optimal ketogenic lifestyle.

Happy ketoing and be sure to drop us a line at eatniketo.com if you have any questions or if you want to brag about your keto success a little bit!


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