10 best foods you don't have to lose by going low-carb

When the uninitiated hear "low-carb" all they think about are the things they can't eat. And sure, it’s true that you can’t have the carb-laden, sugary food that took you from in-shape to a-shape, but you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite comfort foods to give low-carb living a try. (And trust us, you'll feel so much better when you do!)

Here are niKETO’s 10 best foods - the favorite low-carb foods you thought you were losing on this diet.

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Everyone loves tacos, it’s a scientific fact. Just because you start a low-carb journey doesn’t mean your craving for those little folds of heaven will suddenly stop. Well we’re all in luck because niKETO has cheese shell tacos for just over 3 net carbs!

niKETO Cheese Shell Tacos


Available for a limited time… unless you know niKETO! This favorite seasonal treat shows up annually in March for St. Patrick’s Day. Now you don’t have to wait for the leprechauns to bring them around because you can have our minty Shamrock Shake recipe right here. So stay strong, stay in keto and enjoy your shake. Begorah!

niKETO Shamrock Shake


All right, my little low-carb Francophiles, your French dreams have come true. Crepes are back on the menu. Made with cheese instead of batter, these Parisian roll-ups are 1 net carb each and can be topped with a low-carb approved, sweetener-based whipped cream and some delicious low-carb berries.

niKETO crepes


2 measly net carbs… 2! You can have creamy pasta for only 2 carbs out of your daily carb budget. How? I’m pretty sure it’s magic. Someone somewhere only has two wishes left. And we’re not talking noodles scraped out of a squash -- these noodles are cheese-based and delicious. The sauce is inherently low-carb but the niKETO magic recipe is created to make sure each serving has 47 grams of healthy fat for your ketone-revved engine.

niKETO fettuccini alfredo


Yes, it’s true. A delicious food that’s 90% rice does have a really good keto version. Replacing the rice with tiny pieces of cauliflower takes a carb-heavy meal to Carb Lite. And the best part is, fish, avocado, cream cheese, and most of your roll favorites are low-carb & high fat so you can keep eating sushi with almost no interruption. Just make sure to follow the tips on getting the cauliflower just right and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference.

niKETO sushi


Believe it or not, potatoes are one of the most missed foods in the keto community; particularly mashed potatoes, which are lamented over and pined after. People love mashed potatoes. We heard you and we couldn’t agree more, low-carb living is better with cheesy mashed potatoes. That’s why we have a recipe for them that substitutes the starchy, carby potatoes with cauliflower and allows you to have a heaping helping for only 9 net carbs. With the added cheese, butter, and cream, this favorite dish also delivers a hearty portion of fat with 23 grams per serving. Win-win!

niKETO cheesy cauliflower mash


Having a sweet tooth can be tough on a low-carb journey. Gone are the days where you can just whip up a batch of cookies and… oh wait, you can still whip up a delicious batch of peanut butter cookies thanks to low-carb approved sweeteners and our ingenious low-carb chefs here at niKETO! While they may be more mad scientists than bakers, our dedicated low-carbers have created a spot on cookie recipe that is fat heavy and carb light. So give your sweet tooth what it craves.

niKETO peanut butter cookies


Buttery, golden-brown pancakes… sometimes you just need a good pancake breakfast. Thanks to this recipe and the miracle that is cream cheese, you can have delicious, easy to make pancakes. With 1 net carb per cake, you can eat a tall stack and live the rest of the day guilt free. Grab a bottle of sugar-free syrup and go crazy with some stevia-sweetened whipped cream for an amazing breakfast.

niKETO pancakes


This is a big one. Candy is all around us all day and half the time it’s free! That jar on your co-worker’s desk that taunts you all day, the candy bars in the checkout lane, it can be difficult to turn down. But with FAT BOMBS you can have your candy and eat it too. Fat bombs deliver a fast infusion of energy rich fats and come in limitless flavor combos. Half the fun can be coming up with your own combinations of sweet and salty. Try our recipe for a chocolate almond butter crunch fat bomb that will have you crying tears of joy.

niKETO chocolate almond butter crunch fat bomb


We know, you’ve been reading down the list thinking, “where’s the pizza? Pizza is what I really miss, I want a low-carb pizza!” That’s why pizza is number 1 on our list. Everyone’s favorite easy, cheesy food truly does have a low-carb version. At only 6 net carbs, you can again enjoy one of the good parts of life: pizza. With the versatile cauliflower as your crust, you can load these babies with all kinds of meaty, cheesy toppings and know you’ll still be burning fat in the process. Mmmmmm.

niKETO cauliflower crust pizza

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