fasting: your holiday binge solution

The aftermath

If you're like most Americans, Holidays are the time to eat everything previously off limits. And rather than limiting yourself to one drink, you might have had two, or three, or gone home (via uber of course!) dead drunk. That was after cheating on your diet with 4 rolls, 2 scoops of mashed potatoes, 2 slices of pie, and 3400 other miscellaneous calories. All self-control stayed at home while you went out and why shouldn't you enjoy the once-a-year holiday like everyone else? Sound familiar?

The next morning you wake feeling like all the crap you inhaled the day before. At this point your glycogen stores are full and you shouldn't feel hungry for a good portion of the day. Hold off eating as long as possible so your body has a chance to process your glucose overload from the day before.

Get your heart rate up

While fasting, get a good workout in. Lifting heavy weights or doing a HIIT workout are highly recommended when following the keto diet and especially when fasting. Getting your heart rate up in a fasting state will deplete your excess glycogen causing your body to store fewer carbs as fat. If you can't get in a weight lifting session, a simple jog or brisk walk will also help accelerate your glucose burn. Some other good options include lunges, squates, burpees, pull ups, crunches, etc..

Increase your water intake

Increasing your water is vital when your metabolism has come to a screeching halt as you're thrown out of ketosis. Water revs your metabolism encouraging your body to burn more glucose and calories through a process called "thermogenesis." By substituting food with water your body is able to re-adapt to thermogenesis and re-enter ketosis more quickly.

Begin your fast with "bullet-proof" coffee. The fats will give you energy to function throughout your fast. Continue to drink water the remainder of your fast, supplementing with bullet-proof coffee as needed to ward off hunger and extend your fast. When you begin to feel hungry, drink a big glass of water and wait 10 minutes to see if your hunger has been satisfied and whether you actually need food at this point. Add a pinch of himalayan pink salt to each cup of water to keep your electrolytes at healthy levels during the duration of your fast.

Reintroduction of food

After fasting for several meals, preferably 24 hours, you will likely be feeling pretty hungry. Break your fast by reintroducing very low carb, high fat foods for the next 24 hours. Some recommendations are eggs, hard cheeses, kale, spinach, and meat. By having a concentrated very low carb diet following your fast your body will continue to burn what is left of your glycogen stores while giving your body the fuel it craves. Be careful not to overeat at this point, only eating until satisfied and continuing to drink increased water, tea, and coffee to ward off hunger.

Remember, keto is a lifestyle, not a diet wagon you fall off of and have to climb back on. When you eat something that isn't keto-approved, enjoy it and continue on with your keto lifestyle. By following the tips outlined above, you can enjoy the occasional food fest at a lower price tag without undoing all your hard work. Remind yourself why you live this way, how far you've come, and where this lifestyle will take you and just keto on.

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