Day 9 : Dropping the F bomb, niKETO-style

It’s day 9, and even though I have restricted carbohydrates I am not producing as many ketones as I need to to feel good. I know this because I ​test my ketone levels daily ​by blood & urinalysis. This happens to a lot of people who start the keto diet, and I’ve decided (after hours of

research) that I’m not getting eating enough fat, which is likely the reason for low ketone levels. So today I’m going to make some fat bombs from the extensive niKETO recipe database.

I may be the only one, but I find the term “fat bomb” incredibly appealing. To me, the name conjures the image of a legion of fat molecules storming into my bloodstream on a mission to pack my depleted cells with energy-boosting nutrients. This isn’t too far from the truth; fat bombs provide a concentrated supply of fat, which leads to increased ketone production while on the keto diet. Because my primary source of fuel is fat now (instead of carbohydrates), I need to make sure I’m getting plenty of fat in my diet. If I don’t, I will inevitably feel tired without a reservoirs of energy in my cells.

When you track your nutrients on a ketogenic diet, you pay attention to the amount of fat, protein, & carbohydrates you eat every day. The average keto diet calls for 70-80% fat daily and 15-20% protein. It is very important not to eat too much protein on this diet because that will cause you to actually produce blood sugars. Unfortunately, so many of the high-fat foods we eat on the keto diet have enormous amounts of protein.

I’m finding that I need a way to get concentrated amounts of fat without the presence of other macronutrients in order to get my daily numbers. Fat bombs provide fat, but limited (or no) carbohydrates or protein, making these the perfect way to reach my macronutrient goals.

I eat fat bombs as snacks between meals or as a dessert. I usually eat one or two per day, depending on how busy I’ve been and how much fat I’ve already had from the meals I eat. I think I may start eating fat bombs for breakfast as a quick way to stock up on energy early in the day. My favorites are made out of coconut oil, almond butter, cream cheese, and butter. Check out the two best recipes I’ve tried so far this week:

Coconut + Cinnamon Fat Bomb

​(full recipe here)

Chocolate Almond Butter Crunch Fat Bomb (full recipe here)

I’ve also started taking MCT oil every day because it’s an amazing way to get extra fat in your diet. I mix a teaspoon of the liquid MCT oil in my coffee, or I take it straight. It also comes in capsule form, which is less messy and a little easier if you don’t like the texture of the oil.

Now that I’ve gotten the carbs out of my system, it’s time for me to load up on high quality fats. I’ll be eating avocados and coconuts like crazy for the next few days, and, of course, all of the fat bomb recipes I can find.

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Day 9 Stats

Current Weight: 135.1 (Down 7.6)

Ketone Reading: 1.9

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