Day 8 : The Miracle of Bone Broth

In case you didn’t pick up on it already, I’m a big fan of bone broth. It honestly made me feel SO much better during the flu! I love drinking the salty warm broth, and it’s so easy to use as a base for soups.

When shopping online, I actually found bone broth shooters, individual servings of bone broth. That inspired me to pour the bone broth into small jars and drink them straight throughout the day. I honestly believe this made the difference in my lack of electrolytes, or whatever it was that caused me to feel so nauseous and achy.

When you slow cook a bone for bone broth, the heat slowly brings out all of the marrow, amino acids, and collagen from inside the bone. These nutrients are insanely good for you and packed full of electrolytes, the minerals you need to replenish when eating low-carb.

Sure, you can buy bone broth, but I like to make it myself; it’s cheap and easy to make, and when you make it yourself you have no doubt about what’s in it. All you need is a crock pot, keto-approved vegetables, some salt and pepper, and whatever bones you want to use. Some people prefer chicken stock, but beef bones make delicious broth as well.

I buy bones from the deli or butcher section of the grocery store (the kind packaged for soup) and cook them in the crockpot. I like to slow cook the stock for several hours on low, because I’ve read that this brings out the most nutrients from the bones.

As you incorporate bone broth into your daily routine, you might start to notice an increase in energy. The nutrients in bone broth are amazingly healing.

*Bone broth dance*

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Day 8 Stats

Current Weight: 135.7 (Down 7.0)

Ketone Reading: 1.4

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