Day 7 : My Favorite niKETO Recipes

I feel so much better today… so good, in fact, that I finally feel up to sharing my favorite recipes from this week! I’ve included my favorite niKETO recipes I convinced my husband to help me cook.

I’m finding that it is a big challenge to eat out while on this diet. Fortunately, I live near a Whole Foods, which offers tons of keto-friendly snack options like toasted coconut chips, individual servings of chicken broth called shooters, and whole-fat yogurt without added flavors and sugars.

The snacks are what have gotten me through days 1-7, because y’all know I’m not a chef. But I’m struggling to find a diverse offering of to-go meals at restaurants. Even the meat entrees like steak and chicken have often been marinaded or braised in some kind of sugar-based sauce, injecting carbs into otherwise perfect options.

So I’ve been fending for myself lately, meaning I’m getting a little more familiar with what’s in my refrigerator. Here are my four favorite niKETO-inspired meals I’ve made this week:

Beef Short Ribs - This was the first recipe the niKETO team recommended to me, and they weren’t wrong. This was a huge hit at my house.

Butter Chicken - This chicken is so good I’m planning on making twice as much next week.

Chocolate Cheesecake Fat Bomb - I’ve had this for dessert three times this week and I’m still not tired of it.

Molten Chocolate Mug Cake - okay, I admit, I didn’t make this incredible dessert myself. My sister made it for me when I hung out with her this weekend. And it was...amazing.

What’s your favorite keto or low-carb recipe? Share it on our Facebook page! Then click here to check out niKETO’s low-carb & keto-friendly recipe database!

Day 7 Stats

Current Weight: 136.7 (Down 6.0)

Ketone Reading: 0.9

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