Day 5 : Keto Flu Blues

Feeling: Tired, achey, and cranky

I measured my ketones first thing this morning and they went DOWN. I think I need to increase my fat intake. This morning I added both MCT oil and a double serving of heavy whipping cream to my coffee to try to get those numbers back up.

Today, I woke up feeling achy and tired. I’m going to assume this is the keto flu I've ben warned about. The keto flu is what they call the unpleasant symptoms that pop up when your body makes the switch away from carbs as a fuel source. It’s kind of like withdrawals from an an addictive substance. Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m a carbaholic.

Luckily, I’m not feeling all of the symptoms of the keto flu. Fellow keto-compatriots have reported feeling serious sugar cravings, muscle soreness, irritability, nausea, trouble falling asleep, general cramping and can see why they call it the flu.

I’ve been loving the enormous benefits of cutting out carbs, but today I’m feeling fatigued, sluggish, foggy, and headachey. The worst part is the timing; tonight’s date night with the hubby and we’ve got tickets to a show, so I’ll be fighting these symptoms hard today to mitigate the ickiness. Thankfully, I’m well read on the keto flu and I’m ready to attack back.

Here’s what I’m doing to combat the Keto Flu:

Increased Electrolytes You lose a lot of electrolytes when you stop eating carbs, so I suggest looking into a keto-approved electrolyte supplement to replenish your energy. I’ve been taking the niKETO electrolyte supplement that you can order here. I’ve also been drinking Smart Water when possible because it is a carb-free source of electrolytes. Make sure not to drink Gatorade or other high-sugar drinks promising to blast your electrolytes out of this world or whatever they say they do. The sugar will set your progress back.

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate!

I’ll admit, I’m usually dehydrated. I like drinking water but I constantly forget to do it. And it’s not like I drink soda or anything ​other​ than water during the day (other than my morning coffee or green tea), it’s just that I get wrapped up in my to-do list and forget to take care of myself. When I started the keto diet, though, I promised myself I would follow the rules and keep myself hydrated, and hot damn! It totally works (surprise!). I feel generally better now that I’m making myself stick to hydration goals, and I know that water is the key to getting my body back on track today.

Leggo my Ketones

Gimme, gimme. The experienced keto crowd tells me ketones are the goal of keto since they are the new fuel source. So my attack includes topping off my fuel tank. I took an exogenous ketones supplement (click here to check out the signature line of supplements niKETO offers) and I definitely already notice the difference. Exogenous ketones are basically extra ketones you can feed your body to boost your ketone count and multiply their benefits. I’m boosting my ketone levels with orange mango BHB powder, my ace in the hole.

Upping my fat intake

As Cardi B says, “let me fat in peace.” To give my body what it needs to get out of this funk, I’m drinking my max dose of MCT oil in my ​fat-infused coffee​, doubling down on EVOO and avocados in my mid-day salad, and eating an extra fat bomb this morning to get my metabolism moving. Upping my fat intake should give my body what it needs to move into ketosis without the muscle aches and fatigue.

Fingers are crossed that these symptoms are gone by tomorrow! If all goes according to plan, the extra fat, water, and keto boosts should get me over the hump ASAP. More to come tomorrow as I continue to document my keto journey.

I ended my day by making a batch of chocolate almond butter crunch fat bombs. I shamelessly ate almost the entire batch. SO GOOD. I'm hoping this helps increase my ketone levels tomorrow.

Note: Please remember that I am ​not​ a medical professional, no matter how much time I spend on WebMD (it’s a lot, people). My body is different than your body. Please check with a real medical professional before starting any kind of elimination diet.

Have you experienced the keto flu? What did you do to keep the symptoms at bay? I would love to hear about your tips, tricks, and experiences on our Facebook page!

Day 5 Stats

Current Weight: 139.1 (Down 3.6)

Ketone Reading: 0.2

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