Day 4 : I’m Going Coco-Nuts! No seriously, please send help.

Day four, I’m worn out. I feel tired, a little headache-y and honestly kind of cranky. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if my body is really starting to feel the change in my diet, but I’m not so much of a happy camper today.

To encourage myself in the midst of this slump, I started talking to some of the more experienced ketoers here on niKETO. Wish I’d done this first. The keto community seems like a pretty tight band, like they’re in on a secret the rest of us don’t know. Luckily, they don’t try to hide it, they’re more than happy to share their experiences and fixes. For example, there are carb free sweeteners out there. Liquid stevia and erythritol gave me back my sweet morning coffee and the will to live.

Apparently, there’s a keto version of just about anything. Keto pizza? Is this possible? Trader joe’s has pre-made cauliflower crusts, low-carb pizza sauce, and my undying gratitude. “Honey, pizza for dinner.”

Update: The keto pizza was pretty dang great!

In other news, I am really getting the hang of cooking with coconut oil. In the past, I’ve depended on olive oil or butter for sauteeing veggies, but keto experts -and lots of general health experts- recommend using coconut oil every so often because of its easy to breakdown fat, medium-chain triglycerides, and its association with improved cognitive ability.

Obviously, coconut oil is all the rage right now, and rightfully so: studies have linked coconuts to all kinds of health benefits, including decreased risk of Alzheimer’s, preventing seizures, weight loss… it’s like, okay coconuts, we get it. Here’s your gold star.

Because my energy is lagging, I’m increasing my fats tonight by snacking on a cookie dough Fat Bombs. Indulgent, and yet I feel no guilt. Hey, these keto folks might be onto something after all.

My thanks goes out to all those helpful ketoers out there in niKETO-land… and Trader Joe’s!

I need your help! Any tips to keep the crankiness away and keep my energy up? Head to our Facebook page and help me (and my husband) stay sane!

Day 4 Stats

Current Weight: 139.2 (Down 3.5)

Ketone Reading: 0.3