Day 3 : I Miss Bread, but I'm Down 3 Pounds!

Third day on the keto diet and I’m feeling pretty good; I still had some sweet cravings this afternoon that were hard to ignore (I want my mid-day mocha!) but I persevered without giving in. I’ve dropped three pounds, which I can assume come from water weight as my body is shedding glycogen, but either way I’m calling it a victory. What I notice most about my body is the lightness I feel, like carbs and sugar were weighing me down. I’ve been feeling hungry all the time so I’m eating more than usual; it turns out carbs really make you feel full, and I’m having to re-learn what “full” really feels like without the filler carbs provide.

I’ll admit that my enthusiasm is starting to wain. I’ve been eating so much protein and fat for two and a half days that I’m getting a little sick of meat. I’ve noticed that my digestion is improving, though, and I’ve been feeling significantly less gassy and bloated the past two days. I think this is because carbs and known culprits of gas and bloating. I've been consuming less carbs, so less gas and bloat. Another win!

Did you have any pleasant surprises when you started keto? I want to hear them! Head to our Facebook page and tell me what to expect!

Day 3 Stats

Current Weight: 139.4 (Down 3.3)

Ketone Reading: 0.1