Day 2 : In which I learn my favorite flavor is “sugar”

I’m going to be honest with you, I was in denial about my love for sugar until today. It turns out I am ​addicted​. I woke up craving my favorite order from Starbucks (a grande Pink Drink and a blueberry muffin) but convinced myself to make a homemade steak omelette and fat-infused coffee instead. About two hours after eating my keto-friendly breakfast, the cravings started again and I could not stop thinking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...wait, a jelly wait, one of those chocolate eclair things with the creamy filling...

You get the idea. This went on for a while. Even when I was snacking on the decadent smoked salmon deviled eggs I had made in anticipation of these cravings I was actually thinking about how much Ben & Jerry’s I’m going to throw down when this diet is over. I quickly discovered that, even though I don’t routinely buy Silly Sour Gummiez blasted with sugar, sugar, and corn syrup, I clearly have an addiction to sweetness.

It’s pretty common knowledge that sugar isn’t ​good​ for our bodies, but what exactly happens when we eat it?

Here's how the cycle goes:


You like it, you crave it. It has addictive properties.


Dopamine is released in the brain = Addiction

Mass insulin secreted to drop blood sugar levels


High insulin levels cause immediate fat storage

Body craves the lost sugar "high"


Low blood sugar levels cause increased appetite and cravings

Start again at number 1.

Right, it’s toxic stuff. That’s why I’m sticking to my sugarless guns and did some quick research on how to keep cravings at bay during this detox.

This is what I’m doing to avoid sugar sabotage:

  • Drinking more water to help my body flush the sugar out faster

  • Munching on salted, toasted coconut chips to up my electrolytes and satisfy my need for something with a sweet taste

  • Getting active every time I start to crave something sweet - i.e., jumping jacks, running in place, or squats. After I get a micro-workout I drink a lot of water and the cravings disappear for a while.

  • Not letting myself get hungry enough to make a poor impulse decision and keeping my blood sugar stable with small, frequent meals

  • Reading labels - the faster I get sugar out of my system, the faster the cravings will disappear, so I won’t eat anything that has sugar in it.

Honestly, it’s a mental battle as much as a physical one today. I’ve made up my mind to get through the next few days absolutely without sugar because I know that I will feel so much better on the other side. Before starting this diet we cleared the cabinets of any real temptation foods since I’m known to be a mindless eater, and thank goodness because today is a real challenge not to indulge in a decadent dessert, like a bar of Godvia chocolate, the kind with the caramel in the middle that oozes out--

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m a danger to myself. Fingers crossed that these cravings disappear soon because I am going chocolate-covered bananas over here.

Have you detoxed from sugar? How do you fight sugar cravings? Head to our Facebook page to share your thoughts and experiences!

Day 2 Stats

Current Weight: 141.9 (Down 0.8)

Ketone Reading: Lo

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