Day 14 : Not the End

Well, this is it. Today marks the end of the journal. I’m moving from guinea pig tester to actual ketoer. I must admit, I was hoping this would happen. I wanted to embrace a healthier lifestyle and this journal assignment gave me the kick in the tush that I needed.

Getting started and committing was honestly the hardest part. Keto is an all or nothing diet and there can be some growing pains if you’re not used to following a diet or regimen. I’ve never dieted, I’d never even tried before.

Eating keto wasn’t the hard part for me, I actually really loved the food. It was the change in lifestyle, having to cook, prepping, consciously thinking about food even when I wasn’t eating that took some getting used too.

The niKETO community actually has tips about starting slower and cutting carbs down before cutting them out if you’re like me. niKETO can help you dip your toe in the water and slowly get used to it. Or, you can take a running leap like I did.

Either way, they’ll get you where you want to be: healthier, happier, and more full of energy for life.

I agreed to be upfront with you guys during this process: your new, intimate knowledge of my bowels and gas situation should be proof of that.

So, let’s look at my final stats and my conclusions about the last two weeks:

  • WEIGHT LOST: 11 pounds and counting.

  • MOOD: I feel happier, like I’ve accomplished more over the last 2 weeks.

  • ENERGY: Through the roof compared to where I was day 1-3 and before the diet.

  • ACNE: Clearing up. By the 1 month mark I have a feeling it’ll be smooth.

  • INFLAMMATION: I do feel looser.

  • IRRITABLE BOWEL AND BLOAT: Waaaaaaaaaay better!

  • CRAVINGS: I don’t think about sugar and carbs unless they are in my eyeline. For the first few days I thought about carbs and dreamt about them. That’s gone now.

  • MENTAL CLARITY: Hard to tell. It felt like I was getting sharper, but I still misplace stuff. I think the extra energy has a lot to do with feeling clearer of mind.

… and we’re being totally real here, right?

  • LIBIDO: At the risk of embarrassing my husband, I’ll just say, more.

So, was it worth it? Duh. Yes. Keto seems to agree with me, and that’s why I’m pressing on with it. The niKETO community has been great, very helpful. At first I didn’t know random people I’ve never met would take an interest in my keto journey, but I get it now.

When you start to experience the benefits of Keto for yourself you feel like slapping your forehead and asking yourself, “why didn’t you do this sooner?”

Then it occurs to you, I can help others see the light it took me so long to find. You start to feel like you’re in the Matrix, “Take the red pill, wake up!”

My final advice is to do your research, set goals, and commit to keto.

niKETO has everything you need to learn keto the right way and to avoid or fix problems along the way.

Don’t make the mistakes I made. Like anything in life, you get out what you put in. I fumbled and complained my way through the first few days, and I had to deal with the discomfort. Once I started to see and feel the difference, I began to see the promise in keto.

It was then I realized, if I really am hoping keto will be something I can stick with and turn things around, I have to make that happen. Now I’ve committed myself to another 2 weeks. Maybe that’s my keto process. Just commit to 14 days at a time, then renew my keto subscription on the last day.

However you need to do it. Even if you slow-carb it and ease into a low-carb diet, eventually reaching keto, just get started, that’s the most important part. Recognize your victories as they show up and celebrate them, just not with ice cream or s’mores or something.

Most importantly, realize, like I did, that you don’t have to do keto alone. We’re here for you. I’m here for you. I think I made most of the mistakes you can make in early keto. Feel free to ask me how to avoid them or just contact me so we can laugh at them together.

In the meantime, share your stories, your triumphs, and even your embarrassments. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to hear the stories of real people making keto work for them.

Happy ketoing. See you on niKETO!

Day 14 Stats

Current Weight: 131.1 (Down 11.6)

Ketone Reading: 3.1

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