You guys, I am finally producing the perfect amount of ketones! Forgive me while I take a 5 second dance break.


Whew! I am pumped! All of this counting, researching, and saying no to Italian food has finally paid off, and I have the proof!

I am so grateful that I was able to test my ketones this week. There were definitely days when I thought I was deep into ketosis when I wasn’t, and seeing these numbers helps me understand what my body’s really doing. Compared to some of the ketoers I’ve talked to, I took a little longer to get into ketosis than some people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I wasn’t following the diet correctly.

Getting into ketosis depends largely on how many carbohydrates you are used to eating on the daily, and my addiction to doughnuts certainly contributed to my delayed ketosis. However, some people can take up to two weeks to reach ketosis - everybody’s reaction is different.

So what's next?

I’m hitting the gym and then I’m headed downtown for a cup of keto-friendly coffee with a friend. Yes, my favorite downtown coffee shop actually put buttered coffee with heavy whip on the menu, thanks to my inquiry at the beginning of last week. It turns out I’m not the first person to ask for my coffee to be supplemented with MCT coconut oil and grass-fed butter; the keto horde is growing and slowly influencing menus everywhere. It is also going to be on the niKETO menu when they open this fall! YAY!

I want to take this post to just emphasize how good I feel. I’m proud of the number I saw on my Keto Mojo blood monitor this morning, but more importantly, I feel...lighter. It’s easier for me to get up in the morning, I’m filled with energy, and I have been in a good mood for a few days now. My husband even asked me if I could stay on keto through our visit with his family next month!

I’ve lost enough weight that my jeans are fitting a lot looser, which is obviously another factor putting me in a good mood. I’m so grateful that I took this challenge on, proud that I’ve stuck with it with fidelity, and really given myself a chance to let the healing happen. It has paid off in droves.

If you are even considering a low-carb diet, I recommend it. If you can’t go full-keto, try cutting your daily carbs in half and see what happens. Even if I wasn’t losing weight, the impact on my mood alone would be worth this diet change.

Day 10 Stats

Current Weight: 134.0 (Down 8.7)

Ketone Reading: 2.2