Day 1 : Thank God for Avocados

I am not a dieter.

As someone who lives at the intersection of very busy and not-at-all-interested-in-cooking, I survive on impulse and convenience food purchases. I wouldn’t say I’m an unhealthy eater necessarily., I just don’t enjoy cooking...or prepping to cook...or meal planning at all. Yogurt for breakfast, pre-made salad kits for lunch, and single-serving snacks, like 100 calorie almond packs, are what typically get me through the workday.

Like most busy 20-somethings with a social life, dinner is usually sushi or Chinese out with friends, Thai takeout on date night with my husband, or pizza on the weekends. Every other night is pretty much breakfast-for-dinner, the champion meal of lazy eaters.

It has been hard to imagine myself seeing success on any kind of diet as I depend heavily on quick meal solutions. If it looks good and it’s quick, I’ll eat it. After being asked to try eating keto for two weeks and document my experience, my first thought was, “heck yeah!” Then i realized what I’d just agreed to. How can I live without cheesy bread?!

But of course, ever willing to take on a new challenge, I did my research, made my shopping list, and hit the ground running on Day 1 of my keto experiment. If you shop at Costco, or Trader Joe's, check out the niKETO shopping lists - total life savers!

Today was day 1 on keto and it was easy, but I think that’s because I was prepared. If I hadn’t stocked my fridge with all kinds of easy, keto-friendly snacks, like toasted coconut chips, high fat cheese, and pre-chopped green veggies, I would have given up at noon and ordered a carb sampler with extra carbs on the side from my favorite deli. For me, the key to a successful first day was preparation… and avocados.

Today’s Meals

For breakfast, I made a 3-egg omelette with grass-fed butter, cheddar cheese, and (you guessed it!) sliced avocado. I drank a cup of coffee, but added a tablespoon of MCT oil and a little butter and salt.

The MCT oil will help me move into ketosis quickly and more comfortably, and should boost my energy while I’m detoxing off the carbs and sugar. The butter adds a little extra fat boost and the salt (quality pink Himalayan) supplements my electrolytes, which I’ll start losing soon to water loss as my kidneys flush the glycogen out of my system.

Lunch was a slice of salmon seasoned with salt, butter, and pepper with a side of greens sauteed in butter and served with a half of an avocado. I snacked on some coconut chips when I felt the midday munchies setting in - I ate the whole bag in one sitting...not necessarily something I recommend. I’m calling that tiny mistake number one.

For dinner, I grilled a big steak and added it to a tossed green salad featuring hard boiled eggs, spinach, and (duh) avocado chunks.

Day 1 was a success and I feel great, although I know my body’s still running on the carbs stored up in my system. I’m excited to see what happens in the next few days!.

I’m hoping it remains this smooth, and I’m really hoping keto is something I can lean on , something I can just keep doing after the 14 days I signed on for. We’ll see.

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Day 1 Stats

Current Weight: 142.7

Ketone Reading: Lo