sugar in McDonald's is up 221%?! the surprising facts on fast food

As a low-carb dieter, McDonald's should be the last restaurant on your mind. If you do visit the drive-thru, however, we've reviewed tasty menu items that accompany low-carb living well. Despite these newer, healthier choices, surprising facts underlie the fast food industry, so consider each treat carefully. While that salad might be calling your name, its flavorful dressing could be loaded with sugar and carbs. Recent findings reveal that sugar, salt, and calories on the McDonald's menu have skyrocketed by 221% since 1989, and the restaurant isn't alone. Here are the frightening facts on McDonald's rapid sugar rise, and how popular chains keep this do-not-eat ingredient hidden in the most unassuming places.

Shocking New Evidence

Consider the most popular items on the McDonald's menu: the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and fries are go-to's for most diners, along with other decades-old classics. For those enjoying the same foods in 1989, however, dining out was much different, as all three choices contained significantly less sugar, salt, and calories than today's versions. So, while modern dieters assume they're eating the same foods, they're consuming something entirely different than their 80's counterparts. The nutritional facts are so disparate, in fact, that experts find it difficult to compare the two menus. Foul? Frightening? Both? Unfortunately, McDonald's' movement toward a well-balanced menu appears to be just an illusion.

Uncovering The Facts

In 1989, a leaflet was published revealing the nutrition facts in McDonald's menu items. According to a recent investigation by The Sun, today's cheeseburgers, fries, and Quarter Pounders have all skyrocketed in calories, fat, and, surprisingly enough...sugar. Both the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish have seen sugar surge three times higher. In the Big Mac alone, it has risen by a whopping 221%!

A regular cheeseburger ranks worse, with sugar soaring by 248%, and a Quarter Pounder with cheese is almost sickening. Order one today, and you're getting a 285% increase in sugar, The Sun finds. No one's sure why or where sugar is cooked into these burgers, much less at this high of a rate. It's downright frightening, and reveals how surprising foods can hold large, hidden sources of sugar. Even Professor Graham McGregor, of Action on Sugar, found these newfound statistics "truly shocking." On top of all this, protein has fallen in these same foods; it's gone down a full fifth in chicken nuggets alone. The Sun investigators asked a McDonald's rep why sugar levels have surged so high, but was given zero response.

Hidden Sources of Sugar are Everywhere...How Burger King Compares

In addition to burgers, watch out for the sauces and dressings you pour over your favorite foods. Nutrition guides are always available online, and they're usually available inside restaurants too. Give them a glimpse; you might be surprised where you find hidden sugar. Let's make a comparison. The Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the burger that has surged 285% in sugar value, contains 10 g of sugar, according to the chain's website. Burger King's classic whopper ranks even worse, containing 11 g of sugar...the double whopper has a daunting 14 g! The Bacon King and Homestyle Cheeseburger both contain 10 g, so Burger King isn't any better. These nutrition facts can all be found on the Burger King website....imagine what's being hidden.

What about salads? At Burger King, the classic garden salad with grilled chicken has 7 g of sugar, as does the bacon cheddar ranch chicken salad; McDonald's' salads are in the same range. Grilled chicken? Lettuce? They have to be healthy, right? Not really. Add dressing, and watch that sugar level soar. A single serving of McD's French dressing contains a whopping 22 g of sugar!

Meanwhile, barbecue dipping sauce contains 10 g in one small container; add that to your burger, and you'll have 21 grams of a burger. Now, add the soda, the get the picture. Sugar is hidden where you least expect it. A spicy chicken sandwich has 7 g, while the Rodeo Spicy chicken has 14 g. This is just two restaurants. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, dipping sauces, and dressings are all dripping in sugar. Other restaurants, such as Wendy's and In 'N Out Burger, rank similarly; it seems like hidden sugar is unescapable. Surprising, scary—yet incredibly revealing. It's not just a McDonald's problem; it's a food industry problem.

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