vegan snack ideas

When snacking on a vegan diet that’s also low carb, it’s important to choose unprocessed and whole foods that are also nutrient dense with protein and healthy fats. Make sure to check the serving sizes of the starchier foods, so as to not leave the safe margins of ketosis. Ideas listed below include healthier options that will satiate and satisfy. On a vegan diet it's especially important to try incorporating foods like chia, flax and hemp seeds for meals packed with nutrition that will fuel your body for your day.

  • Jicama slices with vegan avocado mayo

  • Celery with almond butter and hemp seeds

  • Almond butter and chia seeds

  • Canned coconut milk with raspberries

  • Vegan jerky

  • Cucumber with raw tahini

  • Tea with ashwaghanda powder or other adaptogen powders

  • Kimchi

  • Raw almonds mixed with raw coconut shreds

  • Olives

  • Toasted walnuts with nutritional yeast, coconut oil and pink salt

  • Raw broccoli salad with vegan mayo and apple cider vinegar dressing

  • Frozen wild blueberries blended with nut milk and adaptogen powders

  • Avocado blended with coconut milk, MCT oil and cacao

  • Cauliflower rice topped with nori

  • Kombucha tea