keto : transformation tuesday - ciara

Throughout my entire adult life I have struggled with compulsive dieting and food addiction. I had tried every fad diet under the sun; anything promising immediate or significant results.

By the age of 30, and with welcoming two precious children in to this world, I tipped the scales at just over 225 pounds. I could barely squeeze in to a size 16.

Working toward overcoming severe anxiety and depression, I had also begun taking multiple medications on a regular basis. I was afraid of life, afraid of judgement, and almost ready to give up completely. That is when I first heard about Keto…

I can’t even begin to describe the many ways that this amazing lifestyle has transformed my inner and outer self.

Keto eliminates my cravings, my tendency to be an emotional eater, and even allows me not to binge (for the first time in my life)! I have been able to establish more healthy sleep patterns and now have a tremendous amount of energy. The health benefits of choosing a Keto lifestyle, coupled with exercise, has allowed me to be in the best shape of my life!

After a year and a half, I now weigh 153 pounds and wear a size 2/4. I have even set a goal for myself to begin training for fitness completions.

I will never go back to the way I was eating before. Keto saved me!

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